Round 17
Sat 11 Aug 1:00 PM at Tamworth No.1 Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Tamworth Swans 1.4-10 4.5-29 7.11-53 9.14-68
Gunnedah District Bulldogs AFC 3.5-23 4.11-35 7.15-57 11.20-86
Tamworth Swans
Goal Kickers: S. Freer 4, D. Butcher , N. Keam , G. Knee , M. Verrall , W. Priest
Best Players: N. Bradburn, W. Priest, G. Knee, M. Bain, M. Verrall, I. Roberts
Gunnedah District Bulldogs AFC
Goal Kickers: C. Gee 4, M. Pengilly 3, F. Lamb 2, B. Middlebrook , D. Hughes
Best Players: C. Hayden, A. George, J. Woolaston, M. Pengilly, P. Brown, S. Murphy
Sat 11 Aug 2:00 PM at Bellevue Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
New England Nomads 3.2-20 7.5-47 9.9-63 11.10-76
Tamworth Kangaroos 1.3-9 1.7-13 3.9-27 7.13-55
New England Nomads
Goal Kickers: S. CUSACK 3, W. Whitby 3, V. Chakalisa 2, R. Connor , D. Graan , Z. Economou
Best Players: W. Whitby, J. Frost, G. Elson, B. Julien, L. McLeod, Z. Economou
Tamworth Kangaroos
Goal Kickers: T. Cotter 3, M. Hodge 2, D. Overeem 2
Best Players: T. Cotter, L. Maloney, L. Robinson, A. Hudson, D. Johnson, D. Murden
Inverell Saints
Sat 11 Aug 3:00 PM at Tamworth No.1 Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Muswellbrook Cats 0.4-4 4.5-29 5.10-40 9.13-67
Inverell Saints 8.3-51 14.7-91 20.11-131 24.18-162
Muswellbrook Cats
Goal Kickers: K. Garland 3, S. McAdam 2, N. May , B. Martin , J. Bower , J. Gageler
Best Players: B. Martin, J. Pursell, J. Braybon, B. Smith, L. Rodgers, K. Garland
Inverell Saints
Goal Kickers: A. Walker 6, J. Kimmince 5, M. Gould 5, T. Williams 2, S. Rynne 2, M. Viney 2, S. Fermor , J. Byrnes
Best Players: M. Gould, C. Schneider, J. Kimmince, T. Williams, A. Walker, S. Fermor

Notice Board

The Greater Bank is our major sponsor for the 2017 season. As major sponsor, they also have naming rights to this years competition.
The 2017 competition will be known as the "Greater Bank 2017 AFL North West Competition". This must be noted in all media reporting especially local radio talk backs and all advertisements must include their logo.

2017 Greater Bank AFLNW Competition

2017 Greater Bank AFLNW Competition (Snrs)