20S Masters


Last Uploaded : Mon 21-Oct-2019 12:05:55

Competition Notes
No Games -
03.10.19 October Long Weekend
10.10.19 Australian Masters Games
19.12.19 Christmas Closedown
26.12.19 Christmas Closedown
02.01.20 Christmas Closedown
09.01.20 Christmas Closedown
16.01.20 Christmas Closedown
23.01.20 Australia Day Long Weekend

Semi Finals 05.03.20
Finals 12.03.20

Semi/Final - will split into 3 div. for semi series.

Please note that all teams will play in the final series, with a BBQ to follow after games.

If teams are on equal points the following is applied:
1.Head to head wins between the teams tied
2.Points difference between the teams tied ( so if team A beats team B by 10 then team B beats team A by 12 team B would progress with the better points for and against margin)
3.Points difference across the whole competition

Division Notes:
Rounds 7,8,9,10 & 11 are double points rounds.