S18 14 Boys D2


Last Uploaded : Sat 19-Jan-2019 16:21:46

Competition Notes
Christmas Break
Last Game to play - Mon 11th Dec
Games start back - Monday 29th Jan

Public Holiday - Monday 12th March

Semi Finals - Monday 19th March
Grand Final - Monday 26th March

Sharks - moved to 14BD1 Rd 6
Surfcoasters Roadknight - moved to 14DB3 Rd 6
Lara Giants - moved from 14BD1 Rd 6
YMCA Cougars - moved from 14BD3 Rd 6
CC Eagles Red - moved from 14BD3 Rd 6
YMCA Beavers - moved from 14BD3 Rd 6

NEW TEAM - Thresher Sharks Rd 8

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