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SW 09th Manukau Blue Div Grading

Round 18
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10:30 AM / Sat 16 Jun

Last Uploaded : Sat 24-Jun-2017 12:55:01

Competition Notes
New NZ Football Junior Framework Mini Football Guidelines are in place for the 9th Grade for 2012 involving playing two x 25 minute games each Game Day with both games against the same opposition at the same venue.

The amount of time spent in a SSG (Small Sided Game) has not reduced from previous formats, it has simply been split into shorter bite size chunks to sustain motivation, as well as reducing the impact of over-dominant players and teams.

Clubs are required to enter both results on GoalNet each Game Day (to be used later by NFF for re-grading purposes).

Results and Standings will not be published on the website.