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2011 AA Oceania Championship


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For players aged 14-16 years of age as per the IBAF rules for competition held in 2011

Birth years 1995-1997
Howick Pakuranga Baseball Club
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Venue: Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga

This is a metal bat tournament

Dates: January 24th -30th, 2011

Australian Youth players that have played in the 2003 “AA” (Sydney) , 2004 “AAA” (Palau) 2006 “AAA” (Gold Coast) or the 2007 “AA” (Sydney) Oceania Championships that have gone on to be signed to MLB professional contracts

Australia Professional Club
Mitchell Nilsson Cleveland
Rory Rhodes Minnesota Twins
Todd VanSteensel Phillies
Cory Adamson San Diego Padres
Joshua Spence San Diego Padres
Stefan Welch NY Mets
Alan Schoenberger Philadelphia Phillies
James Beresford Minnesota Twins
Jarrad Eacott Minnesota Twins
Chris House Toronto Blue Jays
Liam Hendricks Minnesota Twins
Thomas Fiebig Cincinatti
Mitchell Dening Boston Red Sox
Patrick Maat NY Mets
Matt Tims Atlanta
Matthew Lawman Minnesota Twins
Brad Tippett Atlanta
Aaron Thorne Seattle Mariners
Jay Nilsson Cleveland Indians
Daniel Schmidt Phillies
Allen De San Miguel Minnesota Twins
Dean Zorn Seattle Mariners
Donovan Hendricks Atlanta
Dylan Peacock Anaheim Angels
Matt Ryan Anaheim Angels
Ross Hipke Colorado Rockies
Mitch Graham Phillies
Timothy Kennelly Phillies
Tristan Loetsch Kansas
Matt Williams Minnesota Twins

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