Senior Men Div3

Round 6
Live Now vs
6:15 PM / Wed 24 Apr
Live Now vs
7:00 PM / Wed 24 Apr
Live Now vs
7:15 PM / Wed 24 Apr
Live Now vs
8:15 PM / Wed 24 Apr
Live Now vs
9:15 PM / Wed 24 Apr

This round has not been played yet.

Last Uploaded : Thu 18-Apr-2019 23:44:54

Competition Notes
We have lost MVale for a couple of weeks due to re-roofing. Some games have moved to the Arena plus some times adjust to fit all games in. During April Marion will be closed due to a complete re-flooring and this will also cause some alteration to usual times and venues. We apologise for the inconvenience but look forward to a new leak proof roof and flooring. We thank you for your support during this maintenance period.

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