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Macquarie Scorpions District:

 Includes the major townships of Toronto and Morisset in the Western and Southern areas of Lake Macquarie and the boundary extends as far north as Cameron Park

Four Junior Clubs- Macquarie, South Lakes, Wangi Wangi and West Wallsend with over 600 players

Three 2nd Division Clubs- West Wallsend, Morisset and Dora Creek.

Macquarie Scorpions Commitment

 The committee of the Macquarie Scorpions is amenable at all times to comments and suggestions concering improvements to our operations and our place in the wider community.

We as a club endeavour to participate in all community activaties


2017 Grand Final Highlights
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    Returning President : Kevin Maher

As the Macquarie Scorpions approach the 2018 Newcastle Rugby League season The Scorpions sponsors and supporters will have high expectations after last season’s successes on and off the paddock.

To try and achieve those high expectations the solution is simple but requires hard work and dedication by everyone in the Macquarie club. The Executive and the Committee needs to have in place the best "front office" possible to provide the funds and infrastructure required so the Coaching group can concentrate on the read more

Head Coach: Adam Bettridge
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The following outcomes were agreed upon at the combined meeting between the Macquarie Scorpions RLFC and their four junior clubs South Lakes, Wangi, Macquarie and West Wallsend.  All junior clubs were represented

  • Senior coaches and players to attend each junior club throughout the year to assist junior coaches in training sessions.  Dates and frequency to be determined. At a later date.
  • Scorpions coaching staff and players to attend all junior presentation days.
  • All junior clubs and players invited to attend back to junior day at Macquarie Scorpions first home game of the season at Peacock Field Toronto.
  • All junior players to be issued with free pass entry for family to attend all Macquarie Scorpions senior home games. 
  • Macquarie Scorpions senior coaches to conduct a coaching clinic in early 2016 for all junior coaches.
Major Sponsors: Toronto Workers Club,Centennial Coal
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