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The Nhill and District Sporting Club Inc was formed in 2001 with the amalgamation of the Nhill and District Football Club, Nhill Netball Club, Nhill Red and Nhill Blue Cricket Clubs. In 2007 The Nhill Hockey Club joined the Nhill and District Sporting Club bringing with it a new group of members, supporters and visiting teams.

Operating from Davis Park in a partnership with Hindmarsh Shire Council, the Nhill and District Sporting club now comprises of five sports; cricket, football, hockey, netball and the recently established soccer division (at printing Soccer team was not competing at league/association level). Each sporting code is affiliated with the regional league or association and plays other regional teams. The club is affiliated with the following leagues and associations: 

  • Wimmera Football League
  • Wimmera Netball Association
  • West Wimmera Cricket Association
  • Wimmera Hockey Association 

The Nhill and District Sporting Club is the largest sporting club in the district with a membership base of 580 individuals, made up of 278 players and 302 supporters, 402 adults and 178 juniors. Nhill is well known in the Wimmera for its travelling supporter base and has positive relationships with opposing clubs. 

The club provides a safe, family friendly environment where players, both junior and senior are encouraged to participate in activities both on and off the field.

 Each home game sees an army of members volunteering as officials, coaches, team support and catering throughout the day, reflecting the commitment of the community to the future of the Nhill and District Sporting Club.

 The sporting club is the hive of activity in any small rural town, and Nhill is no different. Nhill and District Sporting Club prides itself on its hard work ethic, illustrated in the successful 2013 Wimmera Football League and Netball Association Grand Final, held at Davis Park on September 21 2013. This event saw over 5,000 spectators transcend on Davis Park, producing an economic impact of $70,000 to the club and indirect benefits to the town of Nhill and surrounding area.