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Uni Reds(2018 G.B.L Gold Men Pre-Season)
GameDayCode: 5999455997

Uni Reds(2018 G.B.L Silver Men Champ Season)
GameDayCode: 7492979463

Uni Reds(2018 G.B.L Silver Women Champ Season)
GameDayCode: 5206451278

Uni Reds(2018 Monday Men's 2 Summer)
GameDayCode: 8212629604

Uni Reds(2018 Monday Women Summer)
GameDayCode: 8801005001

Uni Reds(2018 Thursday Women Summer)
GameDayCode: 9436702988

Uni Reds Blue(2018 Thursday Men's 1 Summer )
GameDayCode: 1431241047

Uni Reds Blue(2018 G.B.L Under 23's )
GameDayCode: 6734307716

Uni Reds Maroon(2018 Thursday Men's 1 Summer )
GameDayCode: 8478296674

Uni Reds Maroon(2018 G.B.L Under 23's )
GameDayCode: 6084964300