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Instructions to help registration of returning players/coaches/trainers & volunteers is now available.

Email and we will email one to you.

Remember, your password is at least 6 characters with at least 1 upper case letter and 1 number.....


Did you know to field a team, you must have a mimimum of 4 parent helper's!

Number one and the most important is obviously the coach.

The second is then a qualified Sports Trainer.  Each team must have a qualified Sports Trainer in attendance at every game.  If you haven't completed any first aid training previously, don't stress, it is a two day course but it's very informative and well run by the instructors.  You must also complete hours of supervised training, but that can be completed at training, carnivals and even if you are keen, help out at the seniors Stallions games.

For those who have a first aid certificate, there is RPL that can be granted.

It is important to note, that each international side must have one.  There has to be two as a requirement.  Not one, covering both teams.

The third is the Team Manager.  Responsible for helping the coach in recording scores, who's been on the bench, communicating with the parents etc.

Lastly a LeagueSafe person.  This qualification allows the person to run the water or take messages etc to the players.  It is a short online training module and once held, you never have to renew or complete again.  It is well worth the hour to complete.

So, if you are interested in giving a hand, please do, many hands make light work and there is nothing more rewarding them being involved in your child's sport.

For leaguesafe or sports training please email Tammy Byrnes our Sports Trainer Co-ordinator at or check our the PlayNRL website.