Welcome to Football Stanthorpe


A new year and a new committee!!  Planning for the 2019 season is  underway.  

Football Stanthorpe are looking for volunteers to get on board and help  form Sub-committees to help our season run smoothly.

We need volunteers to run the Jnr Carnival. This is a vital part of our football season for all our junior players.  We need a coordinator to take on Rep Football and also people to coordinate the Presentation Night activities. 

So help your kids out  and jump on one of these committees and lend a hand  -  many hands make light work!

Have you volunteered to help?

A great way to support your kids is to 

Support your club at every game!!!






Notice Board

 2019 Football Stanthorpe Executives


Contact: footballstanthorpe.president@gmail.com

Secretary: Kerry Featherstone

Contact: secretary.footballstanthorpe@gmail.com

Treasurer: Parry Clark

Contact: secretary.footballstanthorpe@gmail.com

Registrar: Kerry Featherstone

Contact: footballstanthorperegistrar@gmail.com

Board Member: Neil Newman

Board Member: Amy Torrisi

Board Member. Tony Einam


Patron: Vic Pennisi