Teams in Kingscliff District Football Club Inc.

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Kingscliff(FGC FA CUP 2017)

Kingscliff(Midweek Metro Blue)

Kingscliff (Womens Premier League)

Kingscliff (Midweek Metro Yellow)

Kingscliff (Men's Coast League Reserves)

Kingscliff (Men's Coast League One)

Kingscliff(Under 10/11 Girls)

Kingscliff (Womens Premier Reserve League)

Previously Associated Competitions

Kingscliff (U12 Div 2 )

Kingscliff (Womens Metro Purple)

Kingscliff Blue(Under 9 Uruguay Joeys)

Kingscliff Firsts(Men's Coast League One)

Kingscliff Gold(Under 9 Italy Joeys)

Kingscliff Green(Under 9 Uruguay Joeys)

Kingscliff Orange(Under 10 Wanderers Joeys)

Kingscliff Orange(Under 9 England Wallabies)

Kingscliff Orange(Under 11 McKay Wallabies)

Kingscliff Red(Under 11 Kruse Kangaroos)

Kingscliff Red(Under 10 Roar Kanagroos)

Kingscliff Red(Under 9 Germany Kanagroos)

Kingscliff White(Under 9 England Wallabies)

Kingscliff White(Under 11 McKay Wallabies)

Kingscliff White(Under 10 United Wallabies)