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2017 season registrations are now OPEN.

New players, Returning/Reregistering players and players requiring clearance.

All NEW players will need a current photo (head shot, no hat/sunglasses).
Also, proof of birth,(Birth certificate, current Passport or players Drivers licence). These can be attached on the registration form.

Click RED REGISTER HERE button to fillout rego formmore

CLEARANCES (are required for PLAYERS ONLY)

Any player who intends moving to a different club, will need to obtain a CLEARANCE. Click "REGISTER HERE" (Player) and follow the instructions to obtain this clearance, this will then be logged with the new club where they will process accordingly. The clearance will not be concluded until you have followed the registration link that will be sent to you via email once the clearance process ismore


2017 season registrations are now open.

Volunteers-Coaches,Managers,Trainers,Ground Staff etc new/ returning/reregistering.

All volunteers will need a current photo (head shot, no hat/sunglasses)
You must have completed a WWCC check and attach to the registration. Also accreditation must be obtained.

Click BLUE REGISTER HERE button to fillout rego form.more
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2017 Season - PLAYER REGISTRATION - PLAYERS ONLY New-Returning-Reregistering

2017 Season - VOLUNTEERS - New-Returning-Reregistering. Coaches, Managers, Trainers, League Safe etc.