Teams in New Town Eagles Soccer Club

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New Town(Division B/Social Summer Cup)
GameDayCode: 5992462749

New Town(2017 Men's Southern Championship)
GameDayCode: 7386856690

Previously Associated Competitions

New Town(Mens Division A Summer Cup)
GameDayCode: 7386856690

New Town(2017 Men's Southern Championship 1)
GameDayCode: 2901247802

New Town Eagle(Under 18 B)
GameDayCode: 1919275348

New Town Eagles(Under 15 Youth A)
GameDayCode: 2790763305

New Town Eagles(Under 16 Youth A)
GameDayCode: 6269069275

Newtown Eagles(Over 35 )
GameDayCode: 2458406427

Newtown Eagles(The Conference 1 Pool B)
GameDayCode: 1080347607