2019 Season


 Welcome to all our 2019 Families

Please make sure that you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter (@MerewetherUtd) page to get the latest news and information during the season. 

All families must be aware of our Policies and Procedures.  In particular you should ensure that you are familiar with our Member Protection Policy which provides an overview of our policies and also contains Codes of Conduct and complaints handling procedures.

If you have any concerns during the Season please contact our Member Protection Officer (Jenny Lamont).  All enquiries are treated as completely confidential and are not part of the Committee process.

Coaching in 2019?

Go to our COACHING page for a range of resources and links to get you started or improve your current knowledge.  For those moving from U/7's to U/8's there is a whole new world to get  your head around in Aldi Miniroos!

Myamblah re-turf fund

Sponsorships/donations needed

Those who played last year will have noticed the “patchwork” nature of the turf at Myamblah. This is due to our long running project (4 years now) to re-turf the main field so that it survives having nearly 450 people play on it every weekend.

We have made good progress thanks to a grant Mike Willing won from the NSW government, but there is more to do.

In order to try and raise the money, we are launching the “Returf Myamblah Fund” and we are looking for contributions/sponsorship. For any sponsorship of $250 or more by an entity with an ABN, we will issue an invoice for that sponsorship. Any help will be appreciated – especially by the kids!! If you can help, please email manager@mufc.asn.au and I will forward details. 



Merewether Grounds

Myamblah Main
Myamblah Roo Ball Field
Adamstown #5

 If Myamblah is closed & No 5 open you may move!

Council Wet Weather Page - Link

A better link - shows when it was updated

The council will update the page during the day up until about 3pm. We can update it after that, and will try to do so prior to 3:30pm if we are going to. This is the only source now for ground open/closed information.

Please be aware, even if the ground is open, we are responsible for any damage. If it rains heavily between when the call on the ground was made and you using it, please look after the ground. The grounds have to last all season, and damage does not repair itself until summer.

For grounds on game days: http://www.newcastlefootball.com.au/ Look for the "Wet Weather" Link


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