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Posted 30/01/2019.

See Muster day details below.

Lambton Jaffas Football Club


 Muster Day Information Sheet 2019

 We require ALL players, coaches and managers, and at least one parent in each family if possible (especially in younger age groups), to attend Muster Day to be held at Harry Edwards Oval, Lambton on SUNDAY 17th FEBRUARY commencing at 10-00am. If everybody is prompt then it should only take about an hour to complete. The purpose of Muster Day is to:


  1. Put players into teams (U6’s –9’s)
  2. Introduce you to the Coach and/or Manager of the team.
  3. Give parents the opportunity to elect a Coach and/or Manager if none is available for that team.
  4. Be given details of training, or have the opportunity to negotiate with the Coach and/or Manager the details of training.
  5. Purchase Club socks, shorts and shin pads.
  6. Be introduced to your Club Officials for 2019 and receive further information about the Club and the upcoming season.
  7. Complete any unfinished Registration matters – payment and proof of birthdate etc.
  8. All Coaches and/or Managers will be asked to fill out a sheet regarding training and contact details.

 If you are unable to attend Muster Day please contact the Registrar or the Secretary to find out your child’s team and details of training.

 JENNY BAILEY (Secretary)  4957 4963 or 0402 734 604

 EDDIE DELZOTTO (Registrar) 0422 227 301


LAMBTON JAFFAS – contact us at email: lambtonjaffasjuniors@gmail.com


WEBSITE – log on to www.newcastlefootball.com.au select club tab>Lambton Jaffas for all club news.

Posted 30/01/2019.

See grading dates below.



Lambton Jaffas Football Club grade from 12’s and upwards where there are more than one team in an age group.

Players are graded on ability to encourage players to compete and develop on a comparable level while maintaining a positive morale toward the game of soccer. Grading should ensure that the child, everyone in this Club and indeed across the competition enjoys the challenge of playing soccer.

Grading will be on the following days for the various age groups:-

 12’s:  Mon 11th Feb, Wed 13th Feb – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Fri 15th Feb – 6pm

 13’s:  Mon 18th Feb, Wed 20th Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Mon 25th Feb - 5pm

 14’s:  Mon 18th Feb, Wed 20th Feb, – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Mon 25th Feb – 6pm

 15’s:  Tues 19th Feb, Thurs 21st Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Tues 26th Feb – 5pm

 16’s:  Tues 19th Feb, Thurs 21st Feb – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Tues 26th Feb – 6pm

 *17’s:   Fri 22nd Feb – 4.30pm. If no grading required this will be their signing day

 *18’s:  Fri 22nd Feb – 6.00pm. If no grading required this will be their signing day

 Newcastle Football has accepted that some “Skills Grouping” should be implemented for 10’s and 11’s in 2019 season. The intention is to group teams where possible in similar skills group.

 10’s: Tues 12th Feb, Thurs 14th Feb, Fri 15th Feb if required – 4.30pm to 6.00pm. Team announcement will be Tues 19th Feb 5.00pm

11’s:  Mon 11th Feb, Wed 13th Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm.

          Team announcement will be Fri 15th Feb – 5. 30pm

 Grading will be at Harry Edwards and all signing days will be at Harry Edwards Oval .

It is necessary for players to attend all the days allocated for their age group if unable to attend please phone contact numbers below. Players are asked to bring a drink bottle and wear a hat.

Returning Coaches and Managers from previous season and prospective Coaches are required to assist with grading.

 Jenny Bailey (Secretary) 0402 734 604  Eddie Delzotto (Registrar) 0422 227 301


Posted 17/01/2019

Score cash for the club.

Mention Lambton Jaffas Juniors when applying for a Newcastle Permanent home or business loan and the club will receive $600. Please read information below.

For every eligible new business loan (over $100,000) or new home loan, the club’s members and friends refer to us, we will give your club a referral fee of $600. You can refer as many people as you like – there is no limit to how many times your club receives $600!  

 All you need to do is make sure members and friends getting the home loan,mention the club when they apply for their loan with Newcastle Permanent and the club will receive $600 when the eligible loan is funded.

 We’ve found the most effective way to maximise awareness of the program is through regular communication with your members/networks, so Newcastle Permanent has kindly designed a suite of materials personalised for you to promote throughout your networks, ready for the start of the 2019 season.

 Posted 14/01/2019

Season 2019 registration time has arrived. In season 2019 Football Federation Australia (FFA) has introduced a new registration portal.

Please read the information below carefully about the new portal (Lambton Jaffas Juniors portal is open to take registrations.)



·        For over 11 years players and participants in football were identified using an FFA number.

·        This old FFA number is linked to all player history stored in MyFootballClub.

·        The Play Football System is replacing MyFootballClub, therefore removing the need for participants to have an FFA number, by creating a Football Account linked to more than just their registration to play or participate in Football.

·        My Football is the official account for football participants and fans in Australia from December 2018.

·        My Football account gives people access to football registrations, exclusive content, special offers and discounts.

  Registration portal for all football types

  Registration Portal for Players, Volunteers and Referees

  Access exclusive ticket pre-sale offers

  Receive discounts on national teams’ tickets and finals series

  Manage your preferences online


Creating a Football Account

        All persons whether their players, coaches, managers, volunteers or club officials must open a My Football Account.

   Click on the following link https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register to Register for your Football account.

 What is required to complete the Football Account process?

 ·        Full Name

·        Email Address (it must be the email address that you used in 2018)

·        Date of Birth

·        Current Photo to upload as your profile pic. (Seniors Only)

 Tips for Parents registering on behalf of their kids:

·        Parents are encouraged to create a separate Football Account for each member in their family. Simply use the same email address for each of the children’s accounts.

·        Family members once created can all be linked to a Parent Account.

·        Accounts that include linked family members allow that Parent account to manage all their family member registrations.

Tips on How to Register on New Portal

1.      Click on Link: https://www.playfootball.com.au/# Then click on Register Now

2.      Click an Age group that suits your child, then start to type Lambton Jaffas Junior Soccer Club and click on the eye glass  .

3.      On the new page scroll down and in right Colum click on Start My Registration.

4.      Then click on Get Started. From this point follow the prompts till the end.

5.      When in the registration process you must select the age of the player by what age he turns this calendar year (example if the player is 7 now but turns 8 before the end of the year you register him as u8’s).

6.      When you come to the question of player level you select Community.

7.      Make sure you have your Active Kids Voucher to input during the registration process.

Club Registrar Eddie

Posted 14/01/2019

Online Registration

To register to play with Lambton Jaffas Junior Football Club in 2019, click on the link https://admin.playfootball.com.au/Loginand follow the prompts to register. Please ensure that you update any personnel information (e.g., email address, mobile numbers etc.).

Online Registration opens Friday 4th January 2019

All returning junior players must be registered online by the 10th February 2019 to be guaranteed a place for 2019. Further registrations will only be accepted if a vacancy exists in any of the teams. These will be available also for any new players wishing to join Lambton Jaffas Juniors.

Registration Fees

5 - 7 Years SSF*:  $ 135.00

12 Year NET : $ 235.00

8 – 11 Years SSF*: $ 160.00

12-18 Years Juniors: $ 175.00

10 – 11 Years NET: $ 225.00

Seniors:                $ 285.00

*SSF – Small sided football

Registration Payment

In season 2019 you have the option to pay registration fees online using your credit card.  Note that paying online will incur a 1.8% transaction fee.

Alternatively, you can pay in person by cash, EFTPOS or cheque on one of the payment days set out below.

Payment Days (Cash, EFTPOS or Cheque)

If paying in person, bring your invoice and your Active Kids Voucher number to the canteen window at HARRY EDWARDS OVAL (Lambton) Amenities block on one of the designated dates below.  Registration fees must be paid in full on the day.

  • Wednesday, 30th January 2019                5.00pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturday, 2nd February 2019                      11am - 1pm
  • Sunday, 3rd February 2019                          9.30am – 11.30am
  • Wednesday, 6th February 2019                 5.00pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturday, 10th February 2019                    11.00am – 1pm
  • Sunday, 11th February 2019                        9.30am – 11.30am


If there is more than one team in any age group from 12’s and above, players will be graded by a Grading Committee.  These dates will be notified at the time of payment and/or via email.

Under 10’s & 11’s will be skilled tested to make up their respective teams. Dates and time to be handed out on payment days and/or via email.

It is important for all players to attend all the grading days in their particular age group. If players cannot attend please ring Eddie Delzotto (club registrar) 0422 227 301.

Muster Day for MINI ROO Teams (Under 6’s, 7’s, 8’s & 9’s)

The Club will hold a Muster Day at 10am on SUNDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2019 at Harry Edwards Oval Lambton to finalize teams, training arrangements and if necessary the appointment of Coaches / Managers. All Mini Roo registered players are expected to attend. Clothing will be available for purchasing on the day.

Further Information

For queries regarding registration please contact the club registrar Eddie Delzotto on 0422 227 301.

Posted 31/07/18

Lambton Jaffas Junior Football club have set there dates for u11's and u12's Net trials for season 2019. Trials start on Mon 13th Aug and Wed 15th Aug at Arthur Edden oval. The u11's start at 5.00pm and the u12's start at 6.00pm. Players are not to wear club colours for the trials thanks.

To register please email lambtonjaffasjuniors@gmail.com with the childs full name and DOB and what club he played for this season. Registrations close Sun 12th Aug.






































































Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: Opened

Lambton Oval: Opened 

DATE: Wed 11th July

 Note :  

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 9th July

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


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