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Posted 06/04/17

Hi All,


Trial games for Friday 7th April and Saturday 8th April have been cancelled due to the very wet conditions of the grounds. Unfortunately we can't control the weather and we don't want to damage the ground. We understand all teams are wanting to train and play, so is the Club,  but its a long season please be patient and be understanding. Please note as our grounds are closed, teams are NOT allowed to train at other club's grounds that may be open.  Please inform your players this is not tolerated by Lambton Jaffas be respectful of other Club's grounds. If in doubt contact me.




  Posted 30/03/17                       

Instructing MiniRoos Referee Course for children aged 11-14 years. 
Learn the basics of the game and get the chance to earn some pocket money on the weekend. 
Players who finish the course must inform their member club as to be allocated to games.

Course Details:
Tuesday 11th April - Cooks Hill Clubhouse, National Park
Wednesday 12th April - South Wallsend Hall, Walker Fields
Thursday 13th April - Raymond Terrace Clubhouse, King Park
All courses from 5-6pm.
This is a free course.

Registrations accepted through www.myfootballclub.com.au
-> Club = Newcastle Football (Club)
-> Registration type = Referee
-> Registration Package = Instr. MiniRoos Ref Course

Registrations close Friday 7th April.

If you have already completed this course in the past, there is no need to attend again.


 Ainsleigh Bates


Posted 12/01/2017.

             PDF Grading Sheet

Find attached PDF file below with the 2017 grading times and dates.



Posted 18/12/2016.

          Sponsorship Drive 2017

In season 2017 the club will be looking for prospective sponsors to refit as many of our teams with new playing strips.

I have attached a PDF file below with the application form so it can be printed and filled out and emailed back to email address posted on the form.


Posted 02/01/2017

                                       REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR 2017

 The arrangements for 2017 registrations are listed in this letter. Please read the entire letter, if you have any queries regarding registration that are not answered by this letter please contact the club registrar Eddie Delzotto contact details below.

 To register to play with Lambton Jaffas Junior Football Club in 2017, click on the 

link myfootballclub.com.au and follow the prompts to register. You can start to register Online from Mon 9th Jan 2017.

In season 2017 the club is giving parents and players the option to pay their registration fee online using their credit card. Paying online will incur a 1.8% transaction fee which parents will need to pay. 

 For parents & players there is still the option to make manual payment on the specified days set out below.

 Payment Days.  

 Payment in full should be lodged on the designated dates below at HARRY EDWARDS OVAL (Lambton) Amenities block

 Players with the manual payment option must go to the canteen window with their invoice to pay their registration fee.

Payments are by Cash or E.F.T.P.O.S. or Cheque 

 Players that did not play with the club in 2016, a parent must attend one of the payment days even if they paid online to receive information about muster day and club grading dates if they are 12 yrs and up.


  • Wednesday    1st Feb        4.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Saturday         4th Feb       11.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday            5th Feb         11.00am to 1.00pm
  • Wednesday    8th Feb        4.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Saturday        11th Feb      11.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday           12th Feb      11.00am to 1.00pm

 All returning Junior players must be registered online by the 12th Feb to be guaranteed a place for 2017. Further registrations will only be accepted if a vacancy exists in any of the teams. These will be available also for any new players wishing to join Lambton Jaffas Juniors.



 6 - 7 Years SSF   :  $ 120.00

 8 – 11 Years SSF: $ 140.00

 10 – 11 Years NET: $ 195.00

 12 Year NET : $ 205.00

 12-18 Years Juniors: $ 150.00 

 Seniors:                $ 250.00


 If there is more than one team in an age group, selection in a particular team will be based on grading (from 12’s and upwards) and this will be conducted by a Grading Committee on specified dates and times. These dates will be notified by way of letter at the time of payment.

Under 10’s & 11’s will be skilled tested to make up their respective teams. Dates and time to be handed out on payment days. It is important for all players to attend all the grading days in their particular age group. If players cannot attend please ring Eddie Delzotto (club registrar) 0422227301


 The Club will hold a Muster Day at 10-00am on SUNDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2017 at Harry Edwards Oval Lambton for Under 6’s, 7’s, 8’s & 9’s to finalize teams, training arrangements and if necessary the appointment of Coaches / Managers. All Under 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, Mini Roo registered players are expected to attend. Gear will be available for purchasing on the day.

 Competition teams do not need to attend muster day and will be notified of grading days by way of a letter at payment days.




































Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: CLOSED 

Lambton Oval: CLOSED 

DATE: From Tue 20th June till Thur 22nd June

 Note : Closed also means the old bowling green.

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 6th June

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


Notice Board

Waratah General Practice


Lambton Foot Clinic

Fiducian Financial Services

Kingsgrove Sports Store

The Mark Hotel

Newcastle Tile Co.

Newcastle Tile Company