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The 2016 season is shaping up to be a great year for Football in Stanthorpe, with a new and exciting board and management committee.

Games will kick off on Saturday 9th April.  All Football Stanthorpe games will be played on Saturdays to allow Sundays for Representative Football and family time.

The 'New' Football Stanthorpe Board will be forming Sub-committees for the Jnr Carnival, Rep Football, Presentation Night and the Grand Final Series, so why not jump on and lend a hand.

Have you volunteered to help?  

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Notice Board

 2016 Football Stanthorpe Executives


Chairperson: Chris Haynes
Contact: chrishaynesfs@gmail.com

Vice Chairperson: Pat McCormick
Contact: mccormic@halenet.com.au

Secretary: Neil Newman
Contact: neil.alida@gmail.com

Treasurer: Kerry Featherstone

Contact: kerry.featherstone@ymca.org.au

Patron: Hon Lawrence Springborg MP