Teams in Westside Sports Club Inc

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Westside(Viva Capital League 2 Reserves)
GameDayCode: 3471205157

Westside(Viva Capital League 2)
GameDayCode: 8500496069

Previously Associated Competitions

Westside(FFA Cup Preliminary Rounds)
GameDayCode: 8500496069

Westside(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 4415056849

Westside Cap 2(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 8818773177

Westside Cap 2 Res(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 4411503098

Westside City 3(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 4653154851

Westside City 5(Womens City League 5 Blue)
GameDayCode: 3149462819

Previously Associated Competitions

Westside City 5(Womens City League 5 Gold)
GameDayCode: 3149462819

Westside City 5(Womens City League Cup)
GameDayCode: 3149462819

Westside City 6(Mens City League 6 Blue)
GameDayCode: 8793327378

Westside City 6(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 6245982739

Westside City 7(Mens City League 7 Blue)
GameDayCode: 1916835829

Westside City 7(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 8840846684

Westside U12 Div 5(McDonalds Under 12 Division 5 North)
GameDayCode: 3640567194

Westside U13 Div 2(McDonalds Under 13 Division 2)
GameDayCode: 6552361601