Veto Squirts

Veto Squirts (Players 3 to 5 years)

ballThe Subway Squirts program is an excellent way for the young ones to start playing football, have an absolutely fun time and live healthy active lives. We have an amazing team of coaches,  who are just wonderful with the kids.

At this age children’s attention span is limited and mostly they have not developed the ability to play effectively in a team situation so we have constructed a program of activities which are simple and easy to understand, focus on familiarisation of the ball and the mechanics of being a football player, are varied and most importantly of minimum duration so that they get the most of the sessions.

The programme is about ensuring that children through progressive sequential learning techniques develop key skills such as improving eye, hand and foot coordination which will stand them in good stead as they become proficient at their chosen sport. It is also a stress free way to easy the kids into playing in team sport.

The basic exercises that the Mini’s undertake include the use of fast foot ladders, micro and macro hurdles and flexi poles. They are also introduced to basic kicking and dribbling skills with a size 3 football.

MOST of all, it is FUN :-)

Our club is a volunteer based club, so we desperately need your help. Volunteering is very rewarding and it is great way to put something back into the community and to make this a better club for your children. There is no better way to start off as a volunteer than in the Minis because it is simply so easy and totally stress free, not that I am saying volunteering is stressful and difficult ;-)

We will need people to help us with coaching, administration,and setting up the equipment. It would be lovely if you could help us out, so please let us know at sign-on or email me at

Program Details

The program runs on Sunday mornings from 8.30am to 9.30am  during the football season, and will be commencing in mid March.  There are breaks for school holidays, and the programme will conclude at the end of August.

Registration is $90 for the full season. Registration includes a medallion and entry to our fun filled club breakup at the end of the season.

Players must already be at least 3 years of age to be in the Subway Squirts and no older then 5 years old. If a player is turning six this year I suggest putting them in MinnRoos.

Sign-on details

This is a very popular program and I suggest get in early to avoid disappointment as sadly we have to cap the number of players we can take

Players must already be at least 3 years of age to be in the Minis programme and no older then 5 years old

Compulsory uniform items:  closed in shoes (joggers or boots) and shin guards are required.

Bring the players birth certificate to sign-on for us to sight.


Saturday, 28th January 2017       8am to 12pm



Ipswich Knights Clubhouse

Brisbane Road,  

(directly opposite the Ipswich Racecourse and next to the Bundamba Pool complex)

Cost: $90 child, 16week programme