New Player Enquiries

Winter Season enquiries are now being taken, please contact our registrar you can also join our waiting list. 

You can join our waiting list for the Winter Season commencing term 2, 2017 here.

Players MUST have turned 6 to commence playing.

Boys U8 (born 2010-2011) Glenn Schultz

 Boys U9 (born 2009) Steve & Mel Curtis

Boys U10 (born 2008) Michael Cvetkovic 

Boys U12 (born 2006-2007) Steve & Mel Curtis

Boys U14 (born 2004-2005) Janet Stanic

Boys U16 (born 2002-2003) Steve & Mel Curtis

 Boys U18 & Mens U23 (born 1995-2001) Michael Beatty

Girls U8 & U9 (born 2009-2011) Michael Giampa

Girls U10 (born 2008) Glenn Schultz

Girls U12 (born 2006-2007) Cory Sullivan

Girls U14 (born 2004-2005) Janet Stanic

Girls U16 (born 2002-2003) Dot Niakolas

Girls U18 & Womens U23 (born 1995-2001) Jenny Maxwell

 Existing & Past Player Registrations

Winter Season registrations are now open and will close on 26th Feburary for existing & past players. You can register here.

Please email with any enquiries.

New Player Waiting List

Existing Player Registration