Presidents Report - May 2018

Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to attend some very inspiring events.

Last week I was invited by the CEO of the EFL (Phil Murton), along with Cathy White (President of Sth Croydon FC) to attend an Inspirational Australian Women’s Luncheon at the Metropolis Southbank.  The guest speaker was Dianne McGrath. Dianne is one of 7 Australian astronauts selected from 200,000 applicants for the ground breaking Mars One Mission.  This project seeks to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2032. I encourage you to read her story it is unfathomable to me that someone would choose to leave all that we hold sacred and head off on a one way journey to another planet! 

At the lunch I was fortunate to be sitting next to Cathy White, what an amazing person she is. Don’t let her tiny stature fool you she is a power house - so passionate and invested in her club and her players, I walked away feeling very motivated and inspired to really make a difference in my role as President of the Knox Football Club, I am eager to introduce some fresh new ideas and work on our Club Culture and Player Welfare over the coming months – enveloping the values of Acceptance, Tolerance, and Respect. 

Last night Catherine Johnson and myself attended the Women of the EFL dinner at East Ringwood FC, whilst their new facilities are lovely I am still hard pressed to find a venue that tops ours at Knox Gardens Reserve.  One of the speakers for the evening was Neale Daniher’s daughter, Bec, sharing her story about Fight MND; it is amazing that in the face of such adversity someone can have such a positive, upbeat attitude.  The evening was also a great opportunity to network with other women from within the EFL from Presidents, Trainers, Canteen Managers, Treasurers, Game Day Operations Managers – and the list goes on!! In the welcome address I was given a special mention – which, whilst very surprising, was quite flattering.  It’s funny, I didn’t put my hand up as President to make a gender statement, but if me being female raises Knox Football Club’s profile in the community then I am all for it! 

I hope all you mums had a very happy Mother’s Day, looking forward to a weekend off and hope to see many of you supporting our boys at East Ringwood on 26th May

 Go Falcons 

Jane Barbanti



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1st Division Seniors 2018
1 Vermont 24
2 Rowville 20
3 Doncaster 16
4 Balwyn 16
5 South Croydon 16
6 North Ringwood 16
7 Blackburn 12
8 Noble Park 8
9 Norwood 8
10 Montrose 8
11 East Ringwood 0
12 Knox 0

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1st Division Reserves 2018
1 Vermont 24
2 Blackburn 24
3 Rowville 20
4 South Croydon 20
5 North Ringwood 16
6 Doncaster 12
7 Norwood 8
8 East Ringwood 8
9 Knox 8
10 Montrose 4
11 Noble Park 0
12 Balwyn 0

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1st Division U19s 2018
1 Blackburn 100.00
2 Vermont 100.00
3 Rowville 83.33
4 Noble Park 50.00
5 Norwood 37.50
6 Knox 25.00
7 Balwyn 20.00
8 North Ringwood 16.67
9 Montrose 0.00