This weekend (Sat 7th July) the game times at Vermont are as follows:
10.15am - Knox Reserves v Vermont Reserves
12.20pm - Knox Seniors v Vermont Seniors
3.00pm  - Knox Women's v Vermont Women's

After Match Awards will be held on the Deck @ Knox Club - all welcome

Anyone wishing to join a group of supporters for dinner after the awards please let Jane know - the more the merrier!
Next Tuesday (10th July) the Knox Football Club has been asked to host the Channel 9 ‘Little Legends Clinic’
We are seeking support as we realistically need 15 - 20 helpers to assist with BBQ, Automatic Coffee Machine, Canteen, Parking Management (2 way radios will be provided) & Crowd Management.
The clinic runs from 8am - 1pm (approximately)
This will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our club to the people of Melbourne and I sincerely hope that we can rely on our players and supporters for assistance.
Congratulations to ‘Oodles Online’ (Andrew & Jo Edwards) on winning the Scoreboard Raffle. 
A great afternoon was had by all, Rex Hunt was extremely entertaining and the meal from Luckman’s Catering was as impressive as always.
Thanks to all that attended and supported our club and the players.


Upcoming Events:

Friday 20th July - Night of the Falcon

Saturday 4th August - Past Players Day & Sponsors Evening

See Events Calendar for full details


Player Welfare

The Knox Football Club has decided to participate in the Outside the Locker Room  (OTLR) program.  

The program will run on the following nights. Each session runs for approx. an hour.

Tuesday June 5th – 7.45pm (Launch for Players, Parents, committee, sponsors etc.)

 Thursday June 7th - (Coach/Support Staff session) 

Tuesday July 3rd – 7.45pm (Mental Health/Drugs Education Session)

 Tuesday July 17th – 7.45pm (Alcohol/Gambling Education Session) 

I believe this will be a positive step forward for our club to not only encourage growth and development in our coaching and support staff but also equip our players to be ‘better functioning’ people. 

OTLR was introduced to us by Debbie Fisher, mother of Jake Fitzsimmons, who some of our players knew.

 Over the past 18 months, since Jakes suicide, Debbie had been looking at different ways to help young adults with managing depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and basically trying to deal with this adult world.

 Outside The Locker Room is a terrific platform to help young adults to deal with all of the above and so, I would appreciate your time just to read through the information provided below. 

It is a basic run down of what is on offer and the ongoing support provided for our Players, Mums and Dads, Coaching & Support Staff and Committee Members, just to name a few. 

Also below you will find some links to the Welfare Program and the App that is available. 

Welfare Program Intro - 4 min YouTube Link - 

App explained - 5 min YouTube Link - 

OTLR provides a free app for the players and club members to access 24/7. OTLR screens the boys and girls through the app in an effort to gather an understanding of the biggest issues in their lives. They are in the process of working within Grief-line to have phone support 18 hours a day, and also have an ACA (Australian Counseling Association) trained counselor at each of our education sessions, as well as a facilitator, to ensure people who need to connect with somebody on the night can do so. 

I encourage all our players (Football & Netball) to attend these sessions, and sincerely hope that many of you support this initiative.


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Sponsors Special Offers 

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Club Uniform 

All players and coaching staff of the Knox Football Club

are required to be dressed in the following attire on the way to and from all

Home and Away games:

Black Pants, Black Shoes, Club Polo Top and/or Club Hoodie

Merchandise purchases can be made by contacting

Bill Saunders on 0428 112225 or 


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1st Division Seniors 2018
1 Vermont 44
2 South Croydon 40
3 Doncaster 36
4 Rowville 36
5 Blackburn 36
6 Norwood 28
7 Balwyn 28
8 North Ringwood 20
9 Montrose 20
10 Noble Park 16
11 East Ringwood 8
12 Knox 0

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1st Division Reserves 2018
1 Vermont 48
2 Blackburn 44
3 South Croydon 44
4 Rowville 44
5 Norwood 28
6 Doncaster 28
7 North Ringwood 24
8 Montrose 18
9 East Ringwood 16
10 Noble Park 8
11 Knox 8
12 Balwyn 2

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1st Division U19s 2018
1 Vermont 90.91
2 Blackburn 76.92
3 Noble Park 66.67
4 Norwood 54.55
5 Rowville 53.85
6 Balwyn 45.45
7 Knox 25.00
8 North Ringwood 23.08
9 Montrose 0.00