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Wanaka Associated Football Club

The Wanaka Football Club caters for football players from 5 years old upwards and all abilities.

The competition (with teams from Wanaka, Alexandra, Cromwell and Queenstown) mainly takes place in term 1 and 2 on Sundays usually from early April to early July.

Training starts early in Term 1 on Wednesdays from 3:30pm at either Kelly's Flat or Mt Aspiring College.


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Finals Day 2017

Please follow this link for Finals Day arrangements on Sunday 2nd July.

2017 Team Photos

Please could all teams with their coaches go to Mount Aspiring College on Wednesday 5th July for a team photo to be taken by professional photographer, Andrew Sloan.

You will also be handing in your team shirts (freshly laundered please!).

Venue: Mount Aspiring College. Performance Room.

This is by the swimming pool entrance and is located on the north end of the gym.


3:35pm - U6s  

4:00pm - U8s  

5:00pm - U10s 

6:00pm - U12s

6:30pm - U14 & U17s

What to bring:

Full team uniform,

Spare top as we will be collecting in all the team jerseys after the photos have been taken.

Coaches, please bring your team bags, bibs, goalie gloves, goalie top, cones etc and balls to hand in.

It would also be appreciated if you could please empty out all grass, food, rubbish etc out of the kit bags.

Prizegiving 2017

Prize giving will be held on Wednesday 26th July at the Lake Wanaka Centre.

4.00pm - U6s, U8s

6.00pm – U10s, 12s 

7.45pm - U14s & U17s.


Wanaka AFC are hosting the Tournament this weekend, (Mother’s Day – don’t forget!!) on Sunday 14th May. The draw is available from the COFA website  and there is a link from our website www.wanakafootball.org.nz  and Facebook page www.facebook.com/wanakafootball

Just a reminder that matches MUST finish on time. If you start late, your match will be cut short, so please make sure you are turning up on time.

U10/U12 Division 2 Teams

The retreating line rules are now being applied. There is information below if you want to know more.

Tournaments are a great fundraiser for the club and the committee and coaches have been busy behind the scenes to get things organised.

Now it's time for everyone else to step up and help out too - in case you didn't know - there are no paid employees of the club, all coaches, committee members and helpers volunteer their time. Please make some time to help out with the few tasks below.

Goals Setup

We need help on Saturday morning, 9:30am at Kellys Flat, 10am at Pembroke Park to setup the goals. You don't need to be able to lift a goal just turn up for as long as you can spare and help out either putting the goals in place or attaching the nets. Bring the kids and a ball so they can be the first to use the goals.

Home Baking

Please bring your wonderful home baking along to the BBQ & Home Baking stalls at Pembroke Park & Kellys Flat either at 09:00 in the morning or when you come for your first game.


The BBQ Rosters will have been sent out. PLEASE reply to the email confirming you will be there for your turn. If you don't turn up it makes it very hard for the other helpers. If you can't make it please organise someone else to take your turn.

Thank you to our BBQ Sponsors:

Bidfood for supplying the burger patties

Butchers Block for the fundraising special for the sausages, bread and sauce,

Mediterranean Market for supplying the coleslaw and onions

Wanaka Hire Centre for the portaloos at Pembroke Park

Mitre 10 for the BBQ's and marquees 

U6 Competition

The U6 competition takes place at Kelly's Flat starting at 11am.

After the Games

We also need help at both Kelly's Flat and Pembroke Park to put the nets and goals away. If your child's team is playing last on a ground then it is the teams’, and your responsibility to help make this happen.

Remember.... many hands make light work! Thank you in advance for your help, it is so much easier when everyone does just a little bit.


The weather forecast looks good for Sunday, but if you are in any doubt as to whether the tournament is going ahead, the decision is made at 7:30am and is communicated by 8am on the COFA website. As soon as we, the WAFC Committee are aware of the decision, it is then also communicated on our Facebook page and our website. If there is no news by 8am – then the tournament has NOT been cancelled.

Training day cancellations – unless the grounds are closed, the coaches make the decision to cancel training for weather reasons. So if it is raining, unless your coach has contacted you, training will be on.


Last weekend it came to our attention that some players (perhaps because of the weather) decided that they were not going to play. We don’t have a problem with players not wanting to play if they are sick or injured or too much homework or whatever… BUT PLEASE LET YOUR COACH KNOW!! Last weekend, a coach and a small part of a team turned up in Queenstown on an unpleasant day to find the other half of their team just decided to stay at home. They didn’t have enough players to play their match and the coach had no opportunity to find loan players. This was not fair on the players who had turned up, not fair on their parents, not fair on the coach who volunteers their time to coach your children and wasn’t fair on the opposing team who had turned up.

Dogs - please note they are not permitted at any sports grounds and school grounds.

Parking - please abide by parking rules and only park in allocated parking spaces. At Kelly's Flat on tournament days and after school training, the school car park is available.

Also, we would like to draw to the attention of ALL players, coaches AND supporters the COFA Code of Conduct (Information Tab/Rules and Regulations above).

Please also note that this Code also applies at training sessions as well as at matches.

Any club member found to be breaking this Code will receive a warning and, if the behaviour continues, will be asked to leave the Club. Any spectators behaving badly will also be unwelcome at future games.

Finally, at the last tournament, some children were kicking balls against a fence at Kelly's Flat, which caused some damage. Please respect the neighbouring properties both here in Wanaka and when playing away. 

Winter is coming has arrived!

So a reminder about what happens when you wake up to rain or snow on a football day…

The club hosting the tournament will decide whether to cancel or not. Sometimes this will be decided the evening before. Any cancellation will be notified on the COFA website. Coaches will be notified by the coaching co-ordinator. As soon as we hear, we will post on our Facebook page and our website will be updated.

If there is nothing on the COFA website or our website – then the football tournament is ON.

Retreating Line - U10 Div 2 and U12 Div 2 competition

The Retreating Line rule is being introduced  for our U10 and U12 -   Div 2 games only.   
Please read the attached pdf file. It explains the benefits of using this rule to develop a good style of play, and provides the technical overview of what it involves.
Jamie Whitmarsh, our FDO, has also provided a summary below.  Please contact Jamie if you have any queries.
Queenstown will be marking the retreating line on the U10 and U12 Div 2 pitches. Other clubs are asked to do the same when they host games.
In addition to preparing players for playing the retreating line, coaches  are encouraged to quickly introduce themselves to each other pre-game  and then inform the parents within and close to their area that they would be implementing the ‘Retreating Line’ concept in the game.  
1: When a team’s goalkeeper catches/picks up the ball or is taking a goal kick, the opposition MUST drop back behind the retreating line.

2: Only after the goalkeeper plays the ball out and one of the goalkeeper’s team-mates touches the ball, can the attacking player advance over the retreating line.

3: If a player advances beyond the retreating line before the opposition has touched the ball, or fails to drop behind the line, the Retreating Line regulation has been infringed and the following below applies.
On the first occasion each team infringes the referee will stop the game and;
1) advise all players the reason for the stoppage and re-emphasise the rule II ) play is restarted with either a goal kick or the ball in the goalkeepers hands to play the ball out
2) For the second or subsequent infringements by the team the referee will award an indirect free kick on the retreating line to the opposition.
OFFSIDE -  Normally the offside line is set as the half way line or where the last defender is standing.  In the Retreating line concept the actual retreating line is the actual offside line.  So you can be behind the last defender and still be onside if you have not received the ball beyond the Retreating line.  Please take the time to look at Page 4 in the attached PDF


Changes to U12 Competition Format

The competition structure for the U12 grade has been reassessed after 2 games under the new format. This  grade was changed this year so to accommodate the growth in playing numbers and the desire to play all games in one venue each week.

For the rest of the 2017 season the following changes and competition structure will apply;

  1. Cromwell will now field one team in each of the Div 1 and Div 2 grades. Previously they had 2 teams in Div 2.
  2. U12 Div 1 -  will now have 2 games each weekend. Each game will play 20 minute halves.  The draw will be managed to ensure there are no byes in this grade.
  3. U12 Div 2 -  will continue to have 1 game per weekend. Each game will now have 35 minute halves (an increase of 5 mins per half).  The draw will be such that there will be a bye in this grade.


News from COFA 

A new Youth Grade will replace the U17 Grade and will consist of all U18, U17, U16 & U15 players. There will be 2 divisions, the top division will be for older and experienced players and the other division will be for the younger age groups and older inexperienced players.

Thank you to those that completed the survey from COFA regarding the future venues for Tournament Days. An overwhelming majority felt that the Wanaka and Cromwell shared option was best. So, should it be required, on the days that Wanaka is the primary host of the tournament, Cromwell will take any overflow matches (likely to be the Youth Grade matches) and vice versa.

Girls Football - COFA is trying to promote girls football in the region and, as part of that plan, will introduce an U8 Girls Only League this year. Please let Logan know if you want your U8 girl to be part of this team.

2017 Membership Fees

We have tweaked our fees a little from last year at $60 per Grade 6 player and $70 for Grades 8 & 10 and $80 for Grade 12 and above.

If you are registering 3 or more children from the same family you are entitled to a rebate - please register and pay then contact the Treasurer (treasurer@wanakafootball.org.nz) for more info and your rebate.

First Training

Date and times for the first training sessions are:

Weds 22nd February

3.30pm at Kelly's Flat for Grades 6, 8 & 10

4.30pm at Kelly's Flat for Grade 12

4.30pm at Mt Aspiring College for Grade 14 and the new Youth Grade (everyone U18 and older than Grade 14)


This year will be a big FUNDRAISING year. The committee have been working to get a permanent storage shed/changing rooms at Kelly's Flat and thanks to committee member, Richard Vorsterman's hard work, the Club now has a lease and consent to build the shed. Now all we need is around $90,000 to build it! 

To that end we need a FUNDRAISING CO-ORDINATOR. So wonderful Wanaka Footballing Community, do you know anyone or can YOU spare the time to organise some events to get our fundraising efforts going. The quicker we fundraise, the sooner we will have our shed.

Shin pads

Just a reminder that shin pads are a compulsory. Please ensure your child is wearing them.

Lost Property

Please contact Catherine Emerson regarding lost property - president@wanakafootball.org.nz

Team Shirts outstanding from last season

Do you have shirt from last year?? Please return to the MAC office ASAP.

Grants Received

We have been fortunate to receive grants from two very generous organisations in 2016

A HUGE thank you to:

  1. Alpha Club Raffle
    They have shared a portion of the proceeds of the raffle to enable us to buy first aids kits for the coach bags.
  2. QLDC Rural Travel Grant
    This allows the club to distribute petrol vouchers to all players this season.

New Hoodies Still Available

Don't miss out on the new Wanaka Football Club hoodies. The subsidised cost includes your name printed on the back. These are heavy weight quality hoodies that will last, they can be seen (and ordered) at Apparel Studios. Click here for pictures and more info.

A big thank you to the wonderful sponsors who made this possible.

New Information section added to the website.

Point to the Information menu item above and click one of the links. This is a great resource for new and existing members. More content will be added from time to time so check back every now and then.


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