Rob's Report Round 11 Vs Emerald

Hi All,

I thought I’d change the format up a little from this week on and introduce a sponsor of the week and give you all an insight into the sponsor and what is available from our relationship as we build formidable partnerships into the future, so over the coming weeks I’ll talk a little about each relationship, so if any of you have a need you can use each other to network, whilst also building the Wandin FNC bond with its sponsors, this weeks “Sponsor of the Week” is Methvans Reals Estate, our club contact is Greg Earney, Methvans have offices in Mt Evelyn, Mooroolbark & Croydon and if any Wandin FNC contact makes contact with Greg on 0438 305 687 and instigates their initial enquiry as a footy club contact the Methvans group provide the club an additional $600 sponsorship for each purchase or sale of a house, this year has been a great year so far with the club buying or selling around 10 home YTD, there is no pressure or expectation from Greg or his team to list or purchase just the opportunity to offer you some great service & follow up, with an obligation to the club that once you are a customer you’re recognised as a Wandin FNC contact for life, so make sure you contact Greg as we further build our great working relationship into the future, Greg has produced business cards with Wandin FNC info on the back so you can be instantly recognised as a club contact, these business cards will be available at the club bar so grab one next time you’re up at the club.


Anyway on to the footy now, we travelled to Emerald for 7 games & the U17 girls had to travel to Healesville & I’m happy to report we came away with 8 wins from the 8 games again & for the second week in row the game of the day was the U18 boys who played the 3rd ranked Emerald boys and for the second week in a row we were headed with minutes to play, but with the boys never say die attitude they came again to hit the front and then hold to win by 4 points to keep their unbeaten record intact and build on the gap between us and the next 2 teams on the ladder which is a credit to Julian and his support team as we get deeper into the season.



The boys came to play this week as we welcomed back Brad Harvey into the team for his first senior game of the year after returning from overseas a fortnight ago and the boys were looking dangerous up forward as Scott Dwyer, Michael Fowkes & Ryan Wilson each kicked 2 goals in the opening term as we raced to a 45 point lead at the first break Wandin 7 – 4 = 46 to Emerald 0 – 1 = 1, the signs weren’t great for Emerald as the boys chased & defended as hard as I’ve seen, Jarrod Bayliss & Matt Polkinghorne were in amazing touch in the midfield on the back of some great ruck work from Robbie Ross who was ably assisted by Michael Fowkes when he was having a rest and co-coach Josh Taylor had the ball on a string in the back half as he and Justin Myers continually ran the ball out of defence and at half time we had held Emerald goalless for the entire first half to get out to  a 90 point lead, Wandin 14 – 9 = 93 to Emerald 0 – 3 = 3, as what generally happens we a side dominates the way we did, the boys just took it a bit easy after the break and this on top of a couple of soft free kicks allowed Emerald to get going in the 3rd term, but we still outscored them 5 goals to 4 to increase the lead to 100 points at the last change, Wandin 19 – 15 = 129 to Emerald 4 – 5 = 29, coach Josh Taylor let the boys know he was a bit disappointed with the quarter to keep the boys on their toes as we move to the most important 2 games of the second half over the coming weeks, but the game was well & truly won so we put a few boys on ice to ensure they would be right for the big games coming, we went goal for goal in the last term to run out good 95 point winners, Wandin 23 – 18 = 156 to Emerald 9 – 7 = 61, our best players were Scott Dwyer & Jarrod Bayliss who had standout games, Scott with some great contested marking & Jarrod run & carry was exceptional on the day, Josh Taylor led the defence all day with a great game, Ryan Wilson had another damaging gaol as either a forward or midfielder & Robbie Ross & Matt Polkinghorne played their roles well all day, but I could have named the whole team at halftime as it was the cleanest most precise effort of the year till that stage, our goal kickers were Scott Dwyer with 6, Ryan Wilson 4, Michael Fowkes, Robbie Ross, Brad Harvey & Pat Hodgett with 2 each and 1 goal each went to Josh Taylor, Jarrod Bayliss, Matt Polkinghorne, Justin Myers & John Ladner.


Emerald           0.1-1     0.3-3     4.5-29     9.7-61

Wandin          7.4-46     14.9-93     19.15-129     23.18-156


Goal Kickers – S Dwyer 6, R Wilson 4, M Fowkes 2, R Ross 2, B Harvey 2, P Hodgett 2, J Taylor, Jd Bayliss, M Polkinghorne, J Myers, J Ladner.


Best Players – S Dwyer, Jd Bayliss, J Taylor, R Wilson, R Ross, M Polkinghorne.



The reserves game was played against a side just outside the 5 looking to keep its finals hopes alive as we get into the 2nd half of the season, we started well adding 6 first quarter goals to 2, Mitchell Shanks was looking great up forward and Tom Leech – Hines was controlling the ruck contest, Josh James & Josh Smith were in everything in the midfield as we got out to a 24 point lead at the first change, Wandin 6 – 1 = 37  to Emerald 2 – 1 = 13, from there the game turned into a dour struggle for the next 2 quarters with our boys fumbling a bit with the slippery ball as we added 2 goals each in the 2nd term to get to half time with the same 24 point lead, Wandin 8 – 2 = 50 to Emerald 4 – 2 = 26, coach Geoff Bartling gave the boys a bit of a rev up at the break, which was all to no avail, as we rolled out the same in the 3rd term adding 2 goals each for the quarter again to lead at the last change by 27 points Wandin 10 – 5 = 65 to Emerald 6 – 2 = 38, Geoff asked the boys to get their heads in the game for the last quarter as we build to our top of the table clash against Olinda in 2 weeks and the boys responded well adding 4 goals to Emeralds 2 in the last to run out winners by 41 points and extend their winning streak to 9 straight, Wandin 14 – 9 = 93 to Emerald 8 – 4 = 52, our best player was a standout in Mitchell Shanks with some elusive running up forward, he was well supported by Josh James & Josh Smith in the midfield, Dan Wilson played a good support role running all day as did Matt Cerquarelli, whilst Tom Leech – Hines was clear the best big man on the ground and Aaron Young clearly the best defender on the day, our goal kickers were Mitchell Shanks with 5, Josh Smith 3, Dan Wilson 2 & Matt Lang 1.  


Emerald           2.1-13     4.2-26    6.2-38     8.4-52

Wandin          6.1-37     8.2-50     10.5-65     14.9-93


Goal Kickers – M Shanks 5, J Smith 3, D Wilson 2, M Lang.


Best Players – M Shanks, J James, J Smith, D Wilson, M Cerquarilli, T Leech-Hines.  


Under 18’s

In what was probably the game of the day for the 2nd week in a row, the young dogs were undermanned with 6 boys either away for holidays or injured as we came up against a highly ranked opponent in Emerald who sat 3rd on the table only losing to ourselves & Mt Evelyn this year, we started well with Daniel Hirst & Tom Merlino looking very dangerous in the first term and at ¼ time we had got out to a 18 point lead and looked to have their measure, Wandin 3 – 2 = 20 to Emerald 0 – 2 = 2, but to Emeralds credit they came out hard after the break to get on top in the 2nd term as we missed some easy opportunities to extend our lead, but a late goal our only for the quarter saw us get it back to a 10 point lead at the main break, Wandin 4 – 6 = 30 to Emerald 3 – 3 = 21, the 3rd term was just a good game of under 18 footy as both sides put great pressure on each other to gain the ascendancy as neither wanted to give the other an advantage as we both added 1 goal for the term and at ¾ time we held on to a 7 point lead, Wandin 5 – 8 = 38 to Emerald 4 – 7 = 31 & it was game on, coach Julian Smith urged the boys to push hard for a win and that they did, but the Emerald boys wanted it badly as well as we went goal for goal in the last term, first Emerald then Wandin goaled to get the lead back with about 4 minutes to play Emerald goaled again to get the lead back and the boys looked in trouble, but that’s not the way the young pups role, a great centre clearance by Tom Merlino and the boys saw the ball out of bounce next to our point post, entre Daniel Hirst with an amazing read of the ruck contest, finished off with a great snap on the run and the boys were back in front with 2 minutes to go with a never say die attitude, Emerald had a late opportunity from outside 50 in the last minute but the boys held on to prevail by 4 points in a great display off guts and determination when undermanned & under pressure late in a game, Wandin 7 – 8 = 50 to Emerald 6 – 10 = 46, our best players were Tom Merlino with another great midfield game, Nathan Poynton was a rock at centre half back, Alistair Gray played a tough midfielders role, Daniel Hirst continues to impress every week & Rory Say & Arron Mandle both played their roles well on the day, our goal kickers were Daniel Hirst with 2 and 1 each to Tom Merlino, Nathan Poynton, Bailey Stokes, Arron Mandle & Alex Marsh.  

Emerald           0.2-2     3.3-21     4.7-31     6.10-46

Wandin          3.2-20     4.6-30     5.8-38     7.8-50


Goal Kickers – D Hirst 2, T Merlino, N Poynton, B Stokes, A Mandle, A Marsh.


Best Players – T Merlino, N Poynton, A Gray, T Hirst, A Say, A Mandle.



Playing Mt Evelyn this Sunday 10/07/2016 @ Mt Eve for top spot 2.15 start hope to see you all there.


Netball A – Grade

The A Grade girls were a bit depleted with 4 of our regular starters having state duties for Blaze on Saturday night but someone forgot to tell the other girls as they steamrolled Emerald in the first term to score an amazing 23 goals for the quarter at ¼ time we held a 17 goal lead, Wandin 23 to Emerald 6, it was an open game and our girls extended that lead to 26 by half time Wandin 41 to Emerald 15, Jackie Cullymore & Carly McDonnell were shooting the lights out all day and at ¾ time Wandin 62 to Emerald 23, after a little last quarter fade out last week the coaches asked the girls to finish off strong and that they did  to outscore Emerald by 11 in the final term, the girls never looked out of control of the game as they went to record a great 50 goal victory, Wandin 77 to Emerald 27, our best players were Ebony Taggert, Kathleen McMahon & Carly McDonnell and our goal scorers were Jackie Cullymore 42 & Carly McDonnell 35.


Emerald           6     15     23     27

Wandin          23     41     62     77


Goal Scorers – J Cullymore 42, C McDonnell 35.


Best Players – E Taggert, K McMahon, C McDonnell.


Netball B – Grade

The B Grade went out and steamrolled another opponent although Emerald did hang on in the first quarter as we went to the break with a 7 goal lead at quarter time Wandin 14 to Emerald 7, the girls continued to pressure the girls at both ends of the court with Olivia Weinberg shooting well in the goal & Kellie Nicol playing a great game in defence, and by half time the girls had just about doubled Emerald’s score to lead by 15, Wandin 31 to Emerald 16, the 3rd quarter seen the girls take complete control and outscore their opponent by 12 goals with Carly McDonnell & Olivia Weinberg in great form in the goal area and at ¾ time our lead to 27 goals Wandin 47 to Emerald 20, we dominated the last term to eventually run out 37 goals winners Wandin 65 to Emerald 28, our best players were Olivia Weinberg, Kellie Nicol & Melanie Hogg and our goal scorers were Olivia Weinberg  49 & Carly McDonnell 16.


Emerald           7     16     20     28

Wandin          14     31     47     65


Goal Scorers – O Weinberg 49, C McDonnell 16


Best players – O Weinberg, K Nicol, M Hogg.


Netball C – Grade

The C Grade girls looked slick early with Jess Smith and Tess Bayliss looking in great form early in the match as we took the early ascendance to lead by 4 at the first change Wandin 9 to Emerald 4, with some great work by Georgia Cunningham up forward  our half time lead had got out to 7 Wandin 18 to Emerald 11, the girls started take control in the third term they outscored the opposition by 8 goals to 2 to move out to a 13 goal lead at ¾ time Wandin 26 to Emerald 13 and from there we never looked challenged to go on to record a convincing 22 goal win to keep our unbeaten record intact, Wandin 37 to Emerald 15, our best players were Georgia Cunningham, Tess Bayliss & Olivia Kerr & our goal scorers were Tamara Goodman 22 & Georgia Cunningham 15.  


Emerald           5     11     13     15

Wandin          9     18     26     37


Goal Scorers – T Goodman 22, G Cunningham 15.


Best Players – G Cunningham, T Bayliss, O Kerr.


Netball D – Grade

The D Grade girls looked to be in for a tough battle early as both sides battled for supremacy but we got a mini break late in the term to lead by 4 at ¼ time Wandin 7 to Emerald 3, our girls kept going early in the 2nd term but Emerald were having a crack & outscored us by 2 goals, Erin Foot was back to her best form as she worked well together with Brooke Smith, Penelope Harris & Holly Mcinerney  who were all shooting well we got the lead out to 7 goals by halftime Wandin 12 to Emerald 10, our girls came out hard after the break to play a great 3rd quarter and at ¾ time we had got out to a 8 goal lead Wandin 22 to Emerald 14, our girls didn’t shirk the opportunity for a tough battle in the last term as we powered away in the last quarter to score 12 goals to 3 and we ran out winners by 17 goals in what was another good test for the girls, Wandin 34 to Emerald 17, our best players were Erin Foot, Brooke Smith and Molly Brierley & our goal scorers were Holly Mcinerney 18,  Brooke Smith 9 & Penelope Harris 7.


Emerald           3     10     14     17

Wandin          7     12     22     34


Goal Scorers – H McInerney 18, B Smith 9, P Harris 7.


Best Players – E Foot, B Smith, M Brieley.


Netball Under 17’s

Our U17 girls had to travel to Healesville on Saturday morning while the rest of the girls were at Emerald, but as usual the dominations continued and from the outset they never looked in danger as they controlled the game to keep their unbeaten record in tacked we led by 7 at ¼ time, the Healesville girls took it up to our girls in the second term but we still outscored them by 1 for the term and at half time it was Wandin 17 to Healesville 9 as we led by 8, the girls were up to the challenge and stepped it up after the break Chloe Dickson was playing a standout game as we dominated the term to get out to a 15 goal lead at the final change Wandin 28 to Healesville 13, not happy with that the girls dominated the last quarter to hold Healesville to one goal in the last quarter we had ran out very convincing winners by 23 goals Wandin 37 to Healesville 14, our best players were Chloe Dickson, Clara Lumsden & Cailey Nolan, our goal scorers were, Cailey Nolan 24 Holly Mcinerney 8 & Chloe Dickson 5 in another great display.


Healesville       3     9     13     14

Wandin          10     17     28     37


Goal Scorers – C Nolan 24, H McInerney 8, C Dickson 5.


Best Players – C Dickson, C Lumsden, C Nolan.


We have a week off this week with the vets playing the only game of the weekend on Sunday in a top of the table clash against Mt Evelyn, but book it in now for 2 weeks’ time on the 16/07/2016 when we host & play Olinda Ferny Creek FNC when 6 of the 8 games on the day will be played between the first and second teams on the ladder in the 2 senior football games and the 4 senior netball games, with the prize being top spot in every game for the winner as we move towards the last 3rd or the season, so don’t miss out and get along for some great entertainment from the 2 most progressive clubs I the competition, I’ll send a reminder with a report on the vets game next Monday so will chat to you all again then.


Regards Rob Bayliss



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