Rob's Report Round 9 Vs Woori Yallock

Hi All,

We travelled to Woori on Saturday and the 2 main games of footy and netball ended up being amazing games of footy & netball, we got the money in the footy and lost our first game of netball for the year, but it was another great weekend for the club winning 8 out of the 9 games we played in to keep all sides in the club either first or second on the ladder at the half way point of the year, the other highlight of the day was the return of a great family name to the seniors footy team in Glenn Strachan, Glenn is the son of John who played in premierships for the club in the late 70’s and returned to finish his career in the early 90’s, he’s also the grandson of one of our life members in Don Strachan who was instrumental in Glenn making Wandin his home club when not playing for the Northern Blues in the VFL and I’m sure Don took great pleasure in sitting in the members area at Woori Yallock to see his grandson knock off Woori by 2 points to make it a fantastic day for the family & the club.



The boys started well on Saturday after an early scare when Scott Dwyer clashed heads with the Woori coach, but as tough as he is the big fella got off the ground at bit dazed, he refused to come off and went on to play an instrumental part in the win, John Ladner was on fire in the first quarter and Robbie Ross & Matt Polkinghorne ensured we had the better of the opposition to see us get out to a 22 point quarter time lead Wandin 5 – 5 = 35 to Woori 2 – 1 = 13, the 2nd term went to Woori as our boys started to miss some targets and look a bit scrappy, Daniel Ladner was doing a good job tagging Woori game maker in Williams but we could hit the scoreboard as Woori held us goalless to get out to a 7 point lead Wandin 5 – 7 = 35 to Woori 6 – 8 = 44, the boys copped a big blast of coach Josh Taylor at the break and had to lift to stay in the game, we started the third term okay, but Woori still had the edge and added the first 3 goals of the 3rd term to get out to a 27 point lead and we looked in big trouble, but Robbie Ross, Matt Polkinghorne & Justin Myers with some amazing run off half back had other ideas as we added the last 6 goals of the term to head into ¾ time with an 11 point lead in an amazing turn around, Wandin 11 – 9 = 75 to Woori 9 – 10 = 64, and the arm wrestle was on in what turned out to be an amazing last quarter we scored first in the last term and then Woori replied, this was followed by another goal by us and at the half way mark of the term we had got out to a 16 point lead and looked safe, but to Woori’s credit they didn’t give up and although there was a couple of dubious umpiring decisions that led to the next 2 goals they didn’t give up at any stage, Glenn Strachan into the midfield in the last term was a telling move as he busted his gut to help us get over the line and in a tense finish we held onto win by 2 points in a great game of local footy played by 2 tough & competitive teams that all supporters who witnessed the game could do nothing but applaud both groups of boys as they left the field, Wandin 13 – 10 = 88 to Woori 12 – 14 = 86 and I can’t wait for the replay in round 18 & hopefully again at some stage in the finals, our best players were Matt Polkinghorne with a great game considering he spent from Wednesday in bed with the flu, Scotty “The Beast” Dwyer with some amazing contested marks over the day at Centre Half Forward, Robbie Ross was great in the ruck all day, John & Daniel Ladner are continuing their great form this year and Hans Dudink had a great game on the wing, our goal kickers were Michael Fowkes, John Ladner & Tom Hinds with 2 each, and 1 goal each to Jarrod Bayliss, Brendan Foley, Chris Foley, Matt Polkinghorne, Scott Dwyer, Jarrod Glenn & first gamer Pat Hodgett chipped in with his first goal in senior footy that sent the crowd wild.


Wandin                  2.1-13     6.8-44     9.10-64     12.14-86


Woori Yallock     5.5-35     5.7-37     11.9-75     13.10-88


Goal Kickers – J Ladner 2, M Fowkes 2, T Hinds 2, Jd Bayliss, C Foley, P Hodgett, M Polkinghorne, B Foley, J Glenn.


Best Players – M Polkinghorne, S Dwyer, R Ross, J Ladner, H Duink, D Ladner



The reserves played the bottom of the ladder Woori reserves team and took control of the game early and the result never looked in doubt as we held Woori scoreless in the first term to get out to a 44 point lead Wandin 6 – 8 = 44 to Woori 0 – 0 = 0, Aaron young n his second game back from injury was looking dangerous up forward Josh Smith was continuing his good form as we dominated the game to hold Woori scoreless for the 2nd consecutive term as we got out to a 74 point lead in the wintery conditions Wandin 11 – 9 = 75 to Woori 0 – 1 = 1, coach Geoff Bartling asked the boys to maintain focus against our undermanned opponent and that they did as we held them scoreless again and added another 5 goals, but a serious knee injury to ruckman Jake Driessen took the wind out of the boys as we got out to a 107 point lead Wandin 16 – 12 = 108 to Woori 0 – 1 = 1, the boys had their worst quarter of the game in the last as we added 2 goals to 1 as we rested a few boys who had niggling injuries and we went onto record a percentage boosting 113 point victory, Wandin 18 – 13 = 121 to Woori 1 – 2 = 8, the only goal kicker I have was Aaron Young with 10 who played a great game at full forward and he was ably supported by pocket rocket Mitchell Shanks who was in everything over the day as was Matt Cerquarelli, Josh Smith and until injured Jake Driessen who we wish a speedy recovery from his injury.


Wandin                 6.8-44     11.9-75     16.12-108     18.13-121


Woori Yallock     0.0-0      0.1-1           0.1-1          1.2-8


Goal Kickers – A Young 10


Best Players – A Young, M Shanks, M Cerquarelli, J smith, J Driessen.


Under 18’s

The Under 18 boys had to travel alone to Warburton on Saturday morning hoping to keep their unbeaten record in tack, they didn’t need to worry too much as they dominated the first quarter with Harrison Byrne in amazing touch and by the first change we had got out to a 27 point lead Wandin 4 – 5 = 29 to Warburton 0 – 2 = 2, the second term was much the same as the first, Harrison continued to lead from the front he was being well supported by Tom Merlino & Daniel Hirst as we held Warby goals for the second consecutive term, young Nathan Poynton playing only his 2nd game in 2 years after recovering from a knee reconstruction was starting to find his feet and look dangerous across half forward and by half time we had full control of the game leading by  58 points Wandin 9 – 8 = 62 to Warburton 0 – 4 = 4, coach Julian Smith asked the boys to maintain their focus and discipline and not get sucked into anything other than playing good hard footy and that they did as Harrison continued to dominate the game and lead from the front and by ¾ time we were out to a 72 point lead Wandin 13 – 8 = 86 to Warburton 1 – 8 = 14, the last quarter was a procession as we added another 5 goals while holding Warburton goals for the 3rd time in the game and we ran out convincing 100 point winners Wandin 18 – 9 = 117 to Warburton 1 – 11 = 17, our best players were Harrison Byrne with an amazing game leading from the front, he was well supported by Tom Merlino who is having a great season, Daniel Hirst gave his all as did Nathan Poynton, Alistair Gray & Mark Sandfort, our goal kickers were Harrison Byrne with 6, Alex Marsh 3, Nathan Poynton & Alistair Gray 2 each and 1 goal each to  Mitchell Dall, Daniel Hirst, Mark Sandfort, Tom Merlino & Rory Say


Warburton-Millgrove     0.2-2     0.4-4     1.8-14     1.11-17


Wandin                           4.5-29     9.8-62     13.8-86     18.9-117


Goal Kickers – H Byrne 6, A Marsh 3, N Poynton 2, A Gray 2, M Dall, D Hirst, M Sandfort, T Merlino, R Say.

Best Players – H Byrne, T Merlino, D Hirst, N Poynton, A Gray, M Sandfort.



The vets boys played the last placed Maryville in what looked like being a one sided affair on paper and it turned out to be exactly that, club president Mick Fowkes turned back the clock with a great pick up on the run to score the first goal of the game in the first minute and from there out just went from bad to worse for the Marysville boys as our boys took them to the cleaners adding 11 first quarter goals with Leam Doughty looking in amazing form with 5 first quarter goals and it was all over at ¼ time with us leading by 71 points, Wandin 11 – 5 = 71 to Marysville 0 – 0 = 0, Matt Peterson was turning back the clock with some amazing foot passing skills in the second term, that along with the endless running ability of Leigh Smart & Matt Alderman having his best game of the year we were on fire, another 5 goal quarter to Leam Doughty seen us extend our lead to 124 points at half time Wandin 19 – 10 = 124 to Marysville 0 – 0 = 0, the only interest left after half time was how many Leam Doughty would kick but big forward Nick Fritsch started to get on the score board and another 9 goal lead seen us get out to 182 point lead Wandin 28 – 15 = 183 to Marysville 0 – 1 = 1, to the Marysville boys credit they didn’t give up and a big shout out to Paul Dobie & Nathan Whelen who changed teams at different stages of the day to help the undermanned Marysville boys finish the game as we added, old fella Mick Fowkes found his mojo again in the last quarter bouncing around like a teenager with 2 goals for the term to show all the family that turned up on the day to watch him that he had lost none of his class from his heyday playing in the 80’s, another 9 goals in the last to record our highest ever vets score of 240 point victory Wandin 37 – 19 = 241 to Marysville 0 – 1 = 1, our best players were the entire team but Leam Doughty had a standout day up forward, Leigh Smart, Matt Alderman & Brett Campbell dominated through the middle of the ground, Troy Iedema was the general across half back & Nick Fritsch & Mat Peterson had great games up forward in the day, our goal kickers were Leam Doughty with 16 in an amazing display, Nick Fritsch with 6, Leigh Smart 4, Mat Peterson & Mick Fowkes with 3 each, Glen Fieldew with 2 & singles to Damian Peterson, Matt Alderman & Troy Iedema.


Wandin                    1.5-71     19.10-124     28.15-183     37.19-241


Marysville              0.0-0       0.0-0         0.1-1           0.1-1


Goal Kickers – L Doughty 16, N Fritsch 6, L Smart 4, M Peterson 3, M Fowkes 3, G Fieldew 2, D Peterson, M alderman, T Iedema.


Best Players – L Doughty, L Smart, M alderman, T Iedema, N Fritsch, M Peterson.


Netball A – Grade

Facing their toughest opponent of the year in Woori the girls knew early they were in for a tough day and at the first change we led by 2 Wandin 12 to Woori 10, it was a tough physical game and Ruby Tidd & Ty Coppinger were leading well from defence as we started to look like we had the edge on the Woori girls as we got out to a 5 goal lead at half time and at the main break it was Wandin 25 to Woori 20, but someone forgot to tell the Woori girls the script and they through everything at our girls in a ding dong struggle as they clawed their way back into the game to level the cores at ¾ time Wandin 35 to Woori 35 and we were in for a cracker of a last term, it was goal for goal until Woori got a mini break and in a finals like atmosphere it was the Woori girls who got on top to give our girls their first taste of defeat this year going down by 3 goals Wandin 45 to Woori 4, our best players were Ruby Tidd, Ty Coppinger & Kathleen McMahon and our goal scorers were Rhiannan Maxwell 19, Gabby Sinclair 15 & Jackie Cullymore 11.


Woori Yallock     10     20     35     48

Wandin                   12     25     35     45


Goal Scorers – R Maxwell 19, G Sinclair 15, J Cullymore 11.


Best Players R Tidd, T Coppinger, K McMahon.


Netball B – Grade

The B Grade machine just rolled out and continued to do what they’ve done in every game this year to get out to a 8 goal lead in quarter time Wandin 14 to Woori 6 on a wet and slippery court that seen one of our favourite girls Alli Leech – Hines slip and fractured her elbow, we hope Alli makes a speedy recovery, the girls continued to pressure the girls at both ends of the court with Lauren Fletcher shooting well in the goal in the wet and slippery conditions & Corrine Bogle defending as well as ever, and by half time the girls had the game in control and we were out to a 17 goal lead with Wandin 29 to Woori 12, the 3rd quarter seen the girls take complete control and outscore their opponent by 14 goals and at ¾ time our lead to 31 goals Wandin 47 to Woori 16, we dominated the last term to outscore Woori 8 goals to eventually run out 37 goals winners Wandin 61 to Woori 24, our best players were Lauren Fletcher, Corinne Bogle & Sinead Lumsden and our goal scorers were Lauren Fletcher 24, Sinead Lumsden 22 & Carly McDonnell 15.


Woori Yallock     6     12     16     24


Wandin                  14     29     47     61


Goal Scorers – L Fletcher 24, S Lumsden 22, C McDonnell 15.


Best Players – L Fletcher, C Bogle, S Lumsden.


Netball C – Grade

The C Grade girls played a team that were in the top 5 and contesting for a top 3 position we started well to lead by 6 goals for the quarter change Wandin 10 to Woori 4, with some great work by Tash & Charlotte in the defence Georgia Cunningham was shooting well in the circle in the wet conditions as we started to open the game up in the 2nd quarter and by half time we had moved out to a 9 goal lead Wandin 19 to Woori 10, the girls took control in the 3rd quarter as they outscored the opposition 8 and never looked challenged to go on to record a convincing 20 goal win, Wandin 41 to Woori 21, our best players were Olivia Kerr, Charlotte Sparkes & Tash Halton in defence & our goal scorers were Georgia Cunningham 17, Tamara Goodman with 15 &  Olivia Weinberg  9.  


Woori Yallock     4     10     14     21


Wandin                  10     19     31     41


Goal Scorers – G Cunningham 17, T Goodman 15, O Weinberg 9.


Best Players – O Kerr, C Sparkes, T Halton.


Netball D – Grade

The D Grade girls looked to be in for a tough battle early in really slippery conditions that made it hard to control the ball in the first quarter to trail by 1 at ¼ time Wandin 3 to Woori 4, the rain stopped but it was still very slippery and hard to control the ball in the 2nd term but our girls copped best with Brooke Smith shooting well we got the lead back 5 goals Wandin 10 to Woori 5, Paige Batty & Holly Mcinerney were in everything as we put the result beyond doubt and at ¾ time we had the game won leading by 14 goals Wandin 22 to Woori 8, we powered away in the last quarter to score 14 goals to 1 and we ran out very convincing winners by 25 goals Wandin 36 to Woori 9, our best players were Chelsea McKernan, Paige Batty and Brooke Smith & our goal scorers were Holly Mcinerney 20, Brooke Smith 12 & Penelope Harris 4.


Woori Yallock     4     5     8       9


Wandin                 3     10     22     36


Goal Scorers – H McInerney 20, B Smith 12, P Harris 4.


Best Players – C McKernan, P Batty, B Smith.


Netball Under 17’s

Our Under 17 girls faced Healesville and from the outset never looked in danger as they controlled the game to keep their unbeaten record in tacked, young star shooters Holly Mcinerney & Olivia Weinberg showed their class all day and they were well supported by Cailey Nolan & Chloe Dickson, young defender Alanna Lennie did a great job in defence and by the end of the game we had ran out very convincing winners by 32 goals Wandin 38 to Healesville 6, our best players were  Holly Mcinerney, Charlotte Sparkes & Alanna Lennie, our goal scorers were Holly Mcinerney 13, Olivia Weinberg  11, Cailey Nolan 9 & Chloe Dickson 5


Healesville          6


Wandin                 38


Goal Scorers – H McInerney 13, O Weinberg 11, C Nolan 9, C Dickson5.


Best Players – H McInerney, C Sparkes, A Lennie.


We are at home to another rival in Mt Evelyn who we owe after losing the senior footy to in round 1 so hopefully the boys are up and about for the game & I hope to see you all there on the day.


Regards Rob Bayliss


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