Scammell Reserve Trailer Raffle

All families have been allocated 4 tickets per child.  This is the only fundraising the Club has undertaken for a long time, we need your support to get the lights on at Scammell!
Ticket payment details as follows:

Banking details:
Oakleigh Youth Club Football Club
BSB 633 000
Account 156 380 958
Ref: Team Name and Family Name
ie - U17 Phillips

When paying by bank transfer, ticket purchasers must print a copy of the bank deposit and attach to the raffle stubs when returning to Team Manager.  Ticket purchaser to email to advise payment has been made with the family name and team for child(ren).

So families need to sell the tickets and

·     deposit payment into the Dragons’ account by bank transfer with a reference
·     attach a copy of payment advice to ticket stub 
·     email to advise they have made payment


·     return cash and ticket stubs in an envelope with details - family name and team – to Team Managers or at Grub

We'll accept ticket returns and payment at the next Grub night which is 4th August.
All tickets and payments must be returned by your final game of the season.

If you sell all your tickets and want some more, contact
Click on the image above to see all the amazing prizes!
The Raffle will be drawn at Scammell on Saturday 24 August from 8.00pm

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