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16/05/2017 Quake Trials Announced for PL1 return - 2017/18
15/02/2017 Quake Club Champions PL 2
24/07/2016 Annual General Meeting
18/08/2015 Quake 2015 Annual General Meeting
02/07/2015 Trial Dates confirmed
11/02/2015 2013/14 Quake Major Raffle - Tickets To Be Refunded
24/12/2014 Purple Hearts At The FFA Nationals
26/10/2014 Action Shots From Dural Games Now In The Gallery
09/10/2014 Travel Time And Parking For This Saturday's Games
09/10/2014 Quake Youth Win State Championships
09/10/2014 Quake Is On Facebook
02/10/2014 Agenda for Quake AGM
26/09/2014 New Quake Website Address
25/09/2014 Training 2nd to 3rd October 2014
23/09/2014 Notice of Annual General Meeting
19/09/2014 Players Urgently Required For 15 Girls Squad
11/09/2014 Training Starts Tonight!
06/08/2014 Players Wanted: 15 & 17 Girls
18/06/2014 2014/15 Premier League Trials Update - 16 Boys & Youth
11/06/2014 2014/15 Premier League Trial Dates
13/03/2014 Quake Coaches 2014/15 Season - Expressions of Interest
26/02/2014 Quake's Annual Presentation Night
26/02/2014 Raffle Draw Postponed
17/02/2014 And The Men Make It Five - Development Policy Pays Off
11/02/2014 Quake Blitz Semi Finals
03/02/2014 Quake Hold Off Warriors
28/01/2014 Return Raffle Tickets This Saturday
28/01/2014 Action Shots From Magic Games In The Gallery
27/01/2014 Quake Vs Magic Round 13 Reports
12/01/2014 Purple Hearts Off To FFA Nationals
12/01/2014 Quake Put The Bite On Vipers
23/12/2013 Action Shots From Boomerangs In The Gallery
23/12/2013 Big Day Out - Quake Set Records
16/12/2013 Action Shots From Rovers Games In The Gallery
16/12/2013 Quake Rattle Rovers
13/12/2013 Kick Off Times For Rovers Games
09/12/2013 Over 150 Photos From Phoenix Games Added To The Gallery
09/12/2013 Quake Singe Phoenix's Feathers
02/12/2013 Photos From Majik Games In The Gallery
02/12/2013 Quake Pipped By Majik
27/11/2013 Action Shots From Warriors Games In The Gallery
25/11/2013 Quake And Warriors Battle To The End
25/11/2013 More Photos From Vipers and Magic Games In The Gallery
17/11/2013 Action Shots From Round 6 Magic Games Added To Gallery
17/11/2013 Seniors To The Rescue
15/11/2013 You Could Win A Car!
10/11/2013 More Photos In The Gallery
06/11/2013 Saturday's Game Times - Allow Extra Time For Travel
03/11/2013 Quake Leave Boomerangs In A Spin
03/11/2013 Action Shots From Rovers Games Added To The Gallery
01/11/2013 Tomorrow's Kick Off Times Amended
27/10/2013 Quake Shock Rovers
21/10/2013 Quake Rock 'The Epicentre'
21/10/2013 Photos From Phoenix Games Added To The Gallery
16/10/2013 Game Times Amended For This Saturday's Round
16/10/2013 Action Shots From Majik Games Added To The Gallery
16/10/2013 Congratulations 'Bully'
14/10/2013 Quake Vs Majik Match Reports
09/10/2013 Game Times For Saturday's Games Vs Majik (Amended)
08/10/2013 Premier League 2013/14 Season Preview
07/10/2013 12 Boys Win State Championships
30/09/2013 AGM Agenda
26/09/2013 State Championships Draws Released
25/09/2013 Action Shots From Phoenix Trial Added To Gallery
23/09/2013 Online Self Registrations Must Be Completed ASAP
23/09/2013 Quake Trial Matches Vs. Phoenix Review
16/09/2013 Trial Matches Against Phoenix This Saturday
10/09/2013 All Teams Will Train On Thursdays
06/09/2013 AGM Set for 1 October 2013
06/09/2013 Registration Fees - Deposits Overdue
06/09/2013 Two Spots Open In 12 Girls Squad
02/09/2013 Training Starts This Thursday
26/08/2013 Futsal Competitions @ Minto
20/08/2013 Scorpion's Women Take F-League Title
16/08/2013 F-League Finals This Weekend
01/08/2013 Will You Be Quake's Major Sponsor?
01/08/2013 Quake Needs You!
30/07/2013 Quake's Account Details For Rego Transfers
29/07/2013 Congratulations Bully & Symo!
29/07/2013 Quake Team Trial Results
20/07/2013 Trials Next Week - Girls' & Women's Times Changed
17/07/2013 Congratulations To Quake Futsalroos
04/07/2013 Calling All Purple Hearts...Quake Trial Dates and Times
29/06/2013 Quake Trials Tentatively Set For 27 and 28 July
29/06/2013 Quake Coaches for 2013/14 Season
05/06/2013 You Go Haimy!
04/06/2013 We're Coming Home!
04/06/2013 Quake Confirmed To Play Premier League In 2013/14
27/05/2013 Introducing The Sydney Scorpions
20/03/2013 Bank Account Number Error For Presentation Tickets
11/03/2013 Annual Presntation Night
04/03/2013 Quake Women Just Miss Out
28/02/2013 Reports From The Preliminary Finals
18/02/2013 Quake Put 3 Teams Into Preliminary Finals
11/02/2013 What A Day! Match Reports From Boomerangs Games
06/02/2013 Quake vs Magic Reports
23/01/2013 Macarthur Heart Off To Melbourne
21/01/2013 Quake Shade Phoenix in Round 12 of the Premier League
12/01/2013 Quake Players Make All Stars Team!
12/01/2013 News From The 2013 Nationals
12/01/2013 Premier League Resumes This Saturday
02/01/2013 Quake Take Honours Against Eagles
19/12/2012 Men's & Youth Game Times Changed
17/12/2012 Quake Jump A Spot In The Club Championship
10/12/2012 Quake vs Warriors Round 9 Match Reports
03/12/2012 Quake Reverse Fortunes Against Vipers
01/12/2012 Today's Games are ON!
30/11/2012 More Photos Added To The Gallery
27/11/2012 Quake Mid-Year Review
27/11/2012 Team Profile: Women - Proudly Sponsored By Bella Arts Graphic Design
26/11/2012 Quake Fall To Magic
19/11/2012 Quake's Trip To Canberra A Success
16/11/2012 Date, Time & Venue Set For Mens' Deferred Game
13/11/2012 Increased Sanctions For Abuse Of Referees
11/11/2012 Late Surge Gives Quake The Edge Over Phoenix
07/11/2012 Team Profiles: Youth Men & Men - Proudly Sponsored By United Tools Liverpool
05/11/2012 Quake Teams Thrive At State Titles
31/10/2012 More Photos Added To The Gallery
30/10/2012 Futsal World Cup Television Times
28/10/2012 Quake Takes Honours Against Eagles
27/10/2012 FFA Profiles Quake's Gavin O'Brien Ahead Of World Cup
27/10/2012 State Titles Draws Now Available
25/10/2012 Futsal Clubs - Where Does The Money Go?
25/10/2012 Action Photos From Round 3 Vs Rovers Now In The Gallery
21/10/2012 Quake Ladies Lead The Way Against Rovers
19/10/2012 Tremors Issues 2 & 3
19/10/2012 More Photos From Dural Games Added To Gallery
18/10/2012 Gavin O'Brien Off To His 3rd World Cup
17/10/2012 Quake Now On Facebook
16/10/2012 Action Shots From Dural Games Now In The Gallery
15/10/2012 Quake vs Dural Match Reports
10/10/2012 State Titles Coming Soon
08/10/2012 Round 1 Action Shots Now Available
08/10/2012 A Day Of Missed Opportunities
04/10/2012 Tremors: Issue 1 Of The 2012/13 Season
04/10/2012 Team Profile: 16 Boys - Proudly Sponsored by Einhell Australia
03/10/2012 Team Profile: 12 Boys - Proudly Sponsored By 40 Winks Campbelltown
03/10/2012 Team Profile: Academy - Proudly Sponsored by Xtreme Locksmiths
02/10/2012 Team Profile: 14 Girls - Proudly Sponsored by Clintons Toyota
01/10/2012 The Wait Is Over
01/10/2012 First Photos Of The Season In The Gallery
01/10/2012 Quake Does Well Against Sutherland
26/09/2012 Team Profile: 14 Boys - Proudly Sponsored by Capital Steel Buildings Southwest
26/09/2012 All Quake Team Sponsorships Taken
26/09/2012 Changes To Trial Matches Against Sutherland This Saturday
25/09/2012 Registration Fees: Final Payments Due
25/09/2012 Player Profile: Bruno Antelmi
25/09/2012 Team Profile: 16 Girls Proudly Sponsored by Macarthur Granite & Marble
25/09/2012 Player Profiles Are Back-First Up: Mel McCauley
24/09/2012 Good Hit Outs For Quake Teams
18/09/2012 Quake To Play Sutherland In Final Trial Matches
18/09/2012 Changes To This Weekend's Trial Matches
18/09/2012 New This Year - Team Profiles: 12 Girls Proudly Sponsored by JR Electrical
05/09/2012 Quiz Night Ticket Payments
31/08/2012 Crazy Quake Quiz Night
25/08/2012 Registration Fees
14/08/2012 Training Times Scheduled
08/08/2012 Team Sponsorships - Just 2 Left!
04/08/2012 Premier League Teams Announced
03/08/2012 Quake & Indoor 5s In Partnership
02/08/2012 It's Here - Our New Logo
02/08/2012 Crazy Quake Quiz
30/07/2012 Futsal: Where We've Come From and Where To Now?
26/07/2012 Support Us? Let's Support Each Other
24/07/2012 First Pre-Season Trial Matches Arranged
23/07/2012 Pre-Season Update: Trials Concluded, Training Set and Fee Details
18/07/2012 Quake to Play Out of Windsor for 2012/13 Season
17/07/2012 Final Trials For 2012/13 Season
17/07/2012 16 Boys Looking For A Keeper
16/07/2012 Keeper Needed For 12 Girls
02/07/2012 Trials For Quake 2012/13 Premier League Teams Announced
29/05/2012 President's Report For 2011-2012 Season
09/05/2012 Quake AGM Details
12/04/2012 Quake Coaches For 2012/13 Season Announced
14/03/2012 The Off Season Is Upon Us.....
12/03/2012 Quake Celebrates An Extraordinary Year
05/03/2012 Quake Players Win FNSW Awards
03/03/2012 Grand Final Photos In The Gallery
29/02/2012 Time Is Running Out.......
21/02/2012 Quake BBQ at Coogee
21/02/2012 Free Sydney FC Tickets
20/02/2012 Quake Awash With A Tsunamai Of Titles
15/02/2012 Seismic Saturday - Quake's Biggest Day Ever
14/02/2012 Quake Presentation Night
14/02/2012 This Week's Training Times
14/02/2012 Next Season's Coaching Positions
13/02/2012 Another Historic Day For Quake
07/02/2012 Training Times For This Thursday
07/02/2012 Quake Men's Fairytale Is Over
06/02/2012 Men's Final A Thriller
06/02/2012 Semi Finals Action Shots Now Available
06/02/2012 Men's Final Tonight
06/02/2012 MIxed Results In First Week Of Finals...
03/02/2012 More Photos In The Gallery
02/02/2012 Men's Premier Leage Grand Final Brought Forward
30/01/2012 Quake In 7 Finals Next Saturday
30/01/2012 Quake Vs Boomerangs
29/01/2012 Training On Thursday Night
29/01/2012 Quake Makes History
25/01/2012 Show Your Purple Heart
25/01/2012 Action Shots Added To The Gallery
23/01/2012 Quake Teams Come Up Big
22/01/2012 Training On Tuesday This Week
18/01/2012 NSW Dominate National Titles.......
17/01/2012 Ready For More Premier League Action?
17/01/2012 Training This Thursday Night
24/12/2011 More Photos In The Gallery
19/12/2011 Nightmare on Redfern St
19/12/2011 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
19/12/2011 Training Resumes 19th January
16/12/2011 Who's Going To Canberra?
12/12/2011 Quake Take The Honours Against Eagles
09/12/2011 Quake Vs Vipers Match Reports
06/12/2011 Vipers Clash Photos In The Gallery
02/12/2011 Photos From Rovers Clash Now In The Gallery
28/11/2011 Venue and Kick Off Times Changed For Vipers Games
28/11/2011 Quake Edge Rovers
23/11/2011 Round 8 Action Photos Now In The Gallery
21/11/2011 Honours Shared With Dural
18/11/2011 Didn't Get Your Copy of Tremors Issue 7?
17/11/2011 FFA National Titles Youth Men Trials
15/11/2011 A Tough Day On The Road
15/11/2011 Action Shots From Round 7 Now In The Gallery
11/11/2011 Earlier Kick Off Times Tomorrow
07/11/2011 Premier League Resumes This Week
07/11/2011 Quake Teams Make Finals Of State Titles
04/11/2011 Photo Galleries Now Fully Updated
04/11/2011 60 Seconds With...........Is Back!
01/11/2011 State Titles This Weekend
31/10/2011 Big Day Out On The South Coast
28/10/2011 Tremors Issues #5 and #6
27/10/2011 Please Note Amended Kick Off Times For This Saturday
24/10/2011 FFA Nationals - State Team Trials
24/10/2011 Hard Day At Allstars For Quake
20/10/2011 Game Times Changed For This Saturday
18/10/2011 Round 4 Action Shots Now In The Gallery
17/10/2011 Honours Shared In Round 4
17/10/2011 Tremors Issue 4 Out Now
17/10/2011 Tremors Issue 3
14/10/2011 Check Out The Action From Vipers Clash
13/10/2011 Quake Visit Sydney City This Saturday
13/10/2011 No Academy Game This Saturday
10/10/2011 Photos From Round 2 Now In The Gallery
10/10/2011 Quake Take 5 From 9 Against Vipers
10/10/2011 Training Times Revert To Normal
07/10/2011 Quake Take On Vipers This Saturday
04/10/2011 Youth & 16 Boys Training Times Amended
02/10/2011 Another Big Day For Quake
02/10/2011 Another Gilligan Joins The Team
30/09/2011 Catch Up On All The News
29/09/2011 Round 2 Of Premier League This Saturday
27/09/2011 This Week's 60 Seconds With...................
27/09/2011 Promising Start To The Season
26/09/2011 Training Times Changed For School Holidays
26/09/2011 Opening Day A Success
23/09/2011 Tremors Newsletter #1 2011-12
23/09/2011 New Weekly Features - Club Reporter & 60 Seconds With..................
22/09/2011 Want To Know Who We Play, Where & When?
20/09/2011 Kick Off Time For Season Openers Changed
20/09/2011 The Wait Is Nearly Over
19/09/2011 Training Times Set For This Season
19/09/2011 Quake Does Well Against Majik
16/09/2011 A Reminder Of Venue And Times For Today's Trials
14/09/2011 President's Welcome
14/09/2011 And Another Sponsor Joins The Quake Team
13/09/2011 Quake Offers Exciting New Futsal Programme For Juniors
12/09/2011 Registration Fees Due Prior To Round 1 Of Premier League
11/09/2011 Final Trial Matches Against Mountain Majik This Saturday
11/09/2011 Training Schedule For This Week
11/09/2011 Results For Trial Games Against WC Crusaders
11/09/2011 Another Sponsor Joins Forces With Quake
09/09/2011 Have You Visted Our Trophy Room?
08/09/2011 Kick Off Times For Saturday's Trials Corrected
08/09/2011 Einhell Jumps On Board
07/09/2011 Would You Like To Be A Qualified Futsal Coach?
07/09/2011 Training Times For This Week
06/09/2011 Quake To Play West City Crusaders In Next Trial Match
05/09/2011 Where Will You Be On Sunday 25 September?
05/09/2011 Quake Premier League Teams Blow Off The Cobwebs
03/09/2011 New Quake Futsal Website Launches
01/09/2011 soon

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