CDSFA Draw, Results and Tables Competition draws, results and tables for under 8s and older can be accessed from the CDSFA website. Just go to the link and...
Coach Training and Resources The Association’s annual Grassroots Expo night (incorporating the Grassroots Certificate coaching course) will be conducted on Wednesday 4th April at Pratten Park, 6pm...
Free Sydney FC Junior Blues Membership Sydney FC are offering free memberships to junior football players for the upcoming A-League season. Sign up at
Things to do when we get Wet Weather Wet weather hotlines 93679190 (Centenary), 9078 6170 (Blair)& 9718 7666 (Lees, Blick, Croydon) regularly for updates. Recorded message also on 0478 003 611.


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Players wanted in the following ages

Burwood FC are seeking players in the following ages

Under 6’s, 7 places available
Under 7’s, 3 places available
Under 9’s, 3 places available
Under 12 boys, 7 places available in division 2 and 3 teams
Under 13 boys, 4 places available in division 2 and 4 teams
Under 21 boys, 3 places available in division 1, 3 in division 2, 2 in division 3
Over 45 men, 4 places in div 1

Burwood FC Grading, team formation and Trial Game Days

Details for the grading and team formation days for all ages can be found by clicking on more. The details of the Trial Games for SSG teams 8's to 11's boys and girls are also available by clicking on more

Register online for the 2019 season from 1 January 2019

Get your active kids $100 voucher from and then click on and register. All players require proof of age and a new photo. Contact if you have any questions. All coaches and managers need a WWC.
Click more for instructions

Training Allocations 2019

Find attached the training allocations spreadsheet for 2019. Teams are automatically allocated the same day, time and location as last year if they have the same coach and manager. If you want to move to another spot then this will depend on it being available.

Trial Games and Blair Park Usage Schedule

Blair Park is out of action for trial games this year so grab any games that are offered by other clubs. If the club in not in the CDSFA you must fill in a Trial Game Form
The Usage schedule attached is for training usage and informal games only. Do not expect goal posts and line markings to be in place till the end of March

January School Holiday Camps and February ALDI Mini Roos Kick Start

Burwood FC is holding two January 2019 School Holiday Camps at Centenary Park Croydon. Click more for further details. In addition the MiniRoos programs kick off in February 2019. Click more for further details

ALDI Mini Roos program for 4-6 year olds starts in February

This is an introductory 6 week preseason program for 4 to 6 year olds to introduce them to football so they can decide if they want to join for the full 2019 20 week season. Six 1 hour sessions 9am to 10am Saturday mornings starting 2nd of February. Click on more to find the registration link

Competition Draw, Results, Tables and Home Ground Duties

Competition draws, results and tables
Centenary Park Field Layout is available at
Referees coverage

Match Sheets and Results 2019

Match sheets can be printed from here. They will be updated on Thursday nights. Home match sheets will be in printed and in your pigeon hole at Blair Park. Text results and referee details to 0478 003 611 IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR GAME. Return sheets to CENTENARY PARK letter box. There are fines for late results. Click 'more' for attachments.

Wet Weather

Wet weather hotlines 8752 1506 (Centenary), 9078 6170 (Blair) & 9718 7666 (Lees, Blick, Croydon) for updates. Weekend updates for Blair and Centenary on Check the CDSFA website for other grounds regularly for wet weather updates

Does my team have a CDSRA appointed referee this weekend?

You can check by launching the following website : and select 'Games Covered/Not Covered by Referees this week

Rules of the Association and Laws of the Game 2018

Please make yourself aware of the 2018 rules of the association and laws of the game. Under 8s and 9s coaches and managers need to have a detailed knowledge as they need to provide referees for most games. See CDSFA Rules 2018, Mini Roo Rules 2018 and a CDSFA Rules Summary.

CDSFA Competition Matters and Scheduling

Information regarding competition games for competitive age groups under 12 and older.

CDSFA Processes

Results, match sheets, id cards , forfeits and match reschedules. Send off suspensions and fines. Click 'more'.

Park Locations

Location details for parks across the association. Details are here :
or here

Email Burwood FC

You can email us by selecting
However all official correspondence should be made out to the Secretary Burwood FC or mailed to PO Box 244 Croydon NSW 2132.

No Direct Communication with the CDSFA

All communication to the CDSFA must come via the Club Committee.

Sponsor Burwood FC

Standard sponsorship packages are available. Contact our President Andrew McVeigh via email to discuss.

Centenary Pavilion Grand Opening 5 August 2017

After more than 5 years of hard work the pavilion is finally open! Congratulations to Andrew McVeigh and the committee for driving this development for the use of all in the community. See the photos.
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