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Coach Training - February and March 2017 The CDSFA is conducting a series of Coach Education opportunities in February / March to assist individuals either gain their first coaching accreditation or upgrade/ren...
Things to do when we get Wet Weather Check wet weather hotline 8752 1506 (Centenary) or 9078 6170 (Blair) regularly for updates. We will have a message recorded on 0422044381.
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Register for the 2017 season now for selected teams

Register online for the 2017 season now. Grading has completed and we have limited vacancies. Click on to get to the registration page. All new players require proof of age - Birth Certificate, Passport or Drivers Licence
Registrar is . See below for instructions.

Competition Draw, Results and Tables

Competition draws, results and tables

Players wanted in the following teams

We need players to complete the following teams. Under 7s, Under 10/7s, Under 12/7s, Under 18/1s, WIL under 21/1s.

Blair Park Trial Game Schedule 2017

Blair Park Update, Contrary to what the council hot line say Blair Park should be open tomorrow (the 26th). Council will inspect before 8am and report to the club and we report to you. So the 12’s who kick off at 8.30 am should be there with helpers to get the ground setup at 8am. If there is any overnight downpours this may change. Anyone close to the park please report in any rain, thanks. andy

Training Allocations 2017

Find attached the training allocations spreadsheet for 2017. Teams are automatically allocated the same day, time and location as last year if they have the same coach and manager. If you want to move to another spot then this will depend on it being available.

Match Sheets and Results 2017

Match sheets can be printed from here. They will be updated on Thursday nights. Home match sheets will be in printed and in your pigeon hole at Centenary. Text results and referee details to 0478 003 611 IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR GAME. There are fines for late results. Click 'more' for attachments.

Does my team have a CDSRA appointed referee this weekend?

You can check by launching the following website : and select 'Games Covered/Not Covered by Referees this week

Park Pack Down Instructions

Please help our club volunteers by packing down the park correctly. Instructions are attached to assist.

Rules of the Association and Laws of the Game 2017

Please make yourself aware of the 2017 rules of the association and laws of the game. Under 8s and 9s coaches and managers need to have a detailed knowledge as they need to provide referees for most games. See CDSFA Rules 2017, Mini Roo Rules 2017 and a CDSFA Rules Summary 2017.

CDSFA 2017 Competition Scheduling

Information regarding competition games for competitive age groups under 12 and older.

CDSFA Processes

Results, match sheets, id cards , forfeits and match reschedules. Send off suspensions and fines. Click 'more'.

Park Locations

Location details for parks across the association. Details are here :
or here

Email Burwood FC

You can email us by selecting
However all official correspondence should be made out to the Secretary Burwood FC or mailed to PO Box 244 Croydon NSW 2132.

No Direct Communication with the CDSFA

All communication to the CDSFA must come via the Club Committee.

Centenary Park redevelopment pending

After many years of campaigning for the replacement of the Centenary Park amenities block work will commence in June and complete in October 2016

NSW Budget a winner for Centenary Park - work to start in May 2016

One step leads to another and the recent election promise of $500k for Centenary Park development was yesterday listed in the State Government budget papers. Buried away on page 361 of the Budget Estimates papers, there it was $500k over two years for the redevelopment of Centenary. The ball is now firmly in Ashfield Council's court to start the process.

Centenary Park Development

The DA for the redevelopment of Centenary Park is now on display and comments invited. Plans are on display at Ashfield Council and a section of those plan attached to this article. We now have bipartisan support from both State Labor and the Liberals for a $500,000 contribution to building the new facility so it doesn't matter who wins - we get funds!

Wet Weather Update

Check wet weather hotline 8752 1506 (Centenary) or 9078 6170 (Blair) regularly. We will have a recorded message on 0422044381 as well. Check the CDSFA website for other grounds regularly for wet weather updates
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