2019 News

Hawks Ladies Football - Hawkettes!!

Our very own ladies team the Hawkettes are busy and back into training for the upcoming season kicking off on the 24th April!more

Training is back..at JCU!!!

Training is back at JCU AFL Oval..and the Hawkies are super keen to rip in now that we are homemore

Hawks Mud Army

Hawkies rolling up their wings to help out those affected by the floods - we would do it again in a heartbeatmore

Pre Season Training 2019 - Queens Park

The Hawks and Hawkettes (ladies) are training on the 29th and 31st January at Queens Park, starting at 5:30.more

Pre Season Training 2019

Pre Season training..some would say, 'what already' but yes we are starting to hit the track in 2018 to make sure we are raring to rip into 2019!!more
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