Life Members

Jimmy Connell 1969 (Dec'd)

Jimmy was the co-founder of our club we joined the Parramatta District competition back in 1963

In the early years Jimmy coached 2 teams to victory. U/12 in 1964 and u16 in 1968 in 1965 Jimmy's team U13 were defeated in the Grand Final.
Along with Dev Dines the two men met at the Kookaburra Hotel (Now Richards on the Park) Canley Vale in 1962 after watching a junior game and both agreed it was time for Canley Vale had their own club.

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Devitt Dines 1972

Dev was the other half of the founders along with Jimmy Connell back in 1963. Dev tasted victory with three premierships as a coach, the first in 1965 with the U14's the 2nd 1967 also with an U14's side and the 3rd 1970 with the U17. Dev was also runner up in 1968 U/15's

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Harry Carey 1972

Everyone in the Parramatta District and possible every other district will know Harry, a lover of our game and still (2009) does some time keeper just to keep his hand in and interest going. Harry is also a life member of the Parramatta Junior League as well as the Parramatta Senior District Club.

Harry has given close to 60 years of his life to the game he played as a young man and has been a part of the officialdom for many years on the Parramatta Junior League committee.

Harry continues to pop into run his eyes over the Kooka juniors just about every Saturday during the season, he is always a very welcome visitor to the park.

We struck a shield in Harry's name in 2002 which is presented each year at presentation day.

"The Harry Carey Perpetual Award" for Players Player Mini-Mod and where possible we have Harry present his award each year.


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Bob Jay 1972 (Dec'd)

Bob was the club treasurer for a total of 8 years
from 1967 to 1974, he was a very worthy and popular life member recipient.

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Harold Eyeington 1973 (Dec'd)

Harold was a member of the club in the early years, a hard worker for the club and the players. more -->

Frank Johnson 1974 (Dec'd)

The inaugural President Frank held the post for 5 years from 1963 to 1967.
Frank was team manager for Jimmy Connell's premiership winning team in 1964 and also with Dev Dines premiers in 1965

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John Varley 1975 (Dec'd)

John has the honour of being the second longest serving Secretary of the club taking office in 1966 through to 1973 a stint of 8 years.
It was during his term as secretary the Ladies Auxiliary was born. more -->

Laurie Mason 1975

The inaugral Treasurer Laurie held the position for a period of 4 years from 1963 to 1966 more -->

Cliff Gray 1976 (Dec'd)

Cliff was the members member, a hard worker for the club, whilst he never sought or held a board position Cliff was always there to lend a hand. more -->

Elma Gray 1972 (Dec'd)

Elma received life membership after many years service to the club through her involvement with the Ladies Auxillary.

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Bert Boyd 1978 (Dec'd)

Bert held the post of Treasurer for 3 years during 1975-76 and 77. Bert was another of the very hard working member during the early years more -->

Warner Young 1978

Every one will know the name Warner Young, he holds the record as the longest serving secretary from 1974 through to and including 1981. Warner went on to become Executive Officer of the Parramatta District Junior League a position he held with distinction for many years.

Warner was awarded life membership of Parramatta Junior League in Dec 1989 & life membership of the Parramatta District Club in Dec.1999.
He was Executive Officer of the Junior League from 1992 to 1999 inclusive & retired at the end of 1999 Warner and wife Pam moved to Port Macquarie in Feb. 2000.
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John Walker 1980 (Dec'd)

Treasurer from 1982 to 1984 - also Manager of the two premiership winning teams of U/7's in 1976 plus the U/16's in 1978.

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Laurie Littler 1981 (Dec'd)

A dual premiership winning coach, the first with the U/10's in 1976 as well as the U/15's in 1986.
Laurie received Life Membership in 1981

Sadly Laurie passed away on the 17th September 2005.

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Ray Johnstone 1982 (Dec'd)

Awarded Life Membership in 1982 Ray and his son Greg were both involved with teams as either Coach or Manager. Ray was manager of the under 17's when they won the premiership in 1977.

Sadly Ray passed away on the 14th February 2010. The following tribute is from Terry Rose CEO of Parramatta Jnr League emailed to clubs on the 15th Feb.

Good Afternoon All.

it is a sad occasion I write to you to advise the passing of one of the truly good guys of Junior Rugby League in Ray Johnstone.

 Ray passed away peacefully at his nursing home at 1am, on Sunday morning 14 February he was aged 89.

 Ray was a member of the Merrylands Club in the 1940’s where he carried out official duties and first aid. before transferring to Guildford, where he managed teams and was a committee member. Ray the moved onto the Canley Vale Kookas Club where he spent many years with the Club becoming a life member.

 Ray then joined the Junior League Advisory Committee in 1981 where he spent endless hours registering players and attending junior matches. He was famous as the head of the then Grounds Committee. In 1990 he was elected a Life Member of the Parramatta District Junior Rugby League.

 Ray Johnstone leaves us with not an enemy in the world, he was a friend to all and a decent human being. He is now in another world no doubt toting his walking stick and customary Arnotts Biscuit tin full of his junior league stamps and accessories.

 Thanks Ray, you were a champion bloke.

Terry Rose
Executive Officer

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Keith McQueen 1982

Keith was club President for two years 1979 & 1980
he was awarded Life Membership in 1982 more -->

Bruce Grant 1986 (Dec'd)

Served as President from 1986 through to 1990.                                                                            After many years as a very active member of the club he was awarded Life Membership in 1986

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Bob Jeffries 1987

Received Life Membership in 1987 during his term as Secretary/Treasurer. Was also Manager of the A Grade premiers in 1989. He spent many years as President of Parramatta District Junior League.

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Stan Langlands 1993

During Stan's years with the club he was a very busy worker holding several positions. Team Manager, Coach, Board of Management 1991 to 93 Senior Vice President 1994 Treasurer & Asst Secretary. Also held various positions on committee; Appeals Committee & Trials Co-Ordinator Was also voted as Clubman of the Year in 1991.

Premiership winning coach with the under 9's in 1991 and the under 12's in 1994. Stan was awarded Life Membership in 1993 of the Kookas.

2004 was Stan's 10th year with the Parramatta District Junior League, he was awarded with Life Membership of the Junior League that year.

Stan retired from the junior league in 2005 after moving to the Central Coast he was also doing it tough the last few years with a severe back injury which prevented him carrying out is duties.


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Alf Corbett 1994

Secretary for a 4 year perion from 1989 to 1992.
Alf was the club auditor for many years he was awarded Life Membership in 1994.

Alf was very instrumental in gaining incorporation for the club and was a tireless worker during his term as secretary.

Alf was also a member the Parrmatta Junior League for a number of yeas and received Life Membership of the junior league in 2003.

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Brian Deveril 1995

Brian received Life Membership in 1995 for services that were really appreciated by the club board, an honour well desreved. more -->

Colleen Leonard

As with the other life members of the Ladies Auxilliary, when the two bodies joined as one in about 1996 or 7  ladies with life membership became a life member of the men's club. more -->

Margaret Taylor

Margaret was for many years a member of the Ladies Auxilliary, when the two bodies joined as one in about 1996 or 7  ladies with life membership became a life member of the men's club. more -->

Judy Armstrong

As with others Judy was for for some 27 years a member of the Ladies Auxilliary, when the two bodies joined as one in about 1996 or 7  ladies with life membership became a life member of the men's club. more -->

Judy Hibbard

Another of the hard working women Judy was a member of the Ladies Auxilliary, when the two bodies joined as one in about 1996 or 7  ladies with life membership became a life member of the men's club. more -->

Graeme Harvey 1997

A big mistake was made by not awarding Graeme L/M before he left the club, a mistake that was remedied in 1997 at the club's 35th anniversary.
We were proud to honour Graeme with a belated Life Membership. more -->

Bernie Elvidge 1997

The club has made what members believe to be two mistakes by not awarding L/M to 2 very hard, willing workers, Bernie is one. We put this mistake right in 1997 at our 35th anniversary when a surprise award was made to Bernie of his belated Life Membership. more -->

Graham Gillard 1997

Graham has the honour of being the longest serving President with 9 years from 1993 to 2001.
A record that will stand for a very long time, possibly forever.
He was awarded Life Membership in 1997. more -->

Brian Osborne 1999

A member who didn't no the meaning of "it can't be done" Brian was always a willing worker. Was a deserved recipient of "The Clubman of the Year" for three years in a row, 1987, 1988 & 1989 the only time it has been awarded more than once to the same person. Received life membership much later than he should have, 1999.

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Brian Stephenson 2000

Brian was Secretary for a period of 7 years from
1995 through 2001. Was awarded Life Membership in 2000 more -->

Noel Clarke 2005

Joined the club in 1990. Asst Team manager 1994 Manager 1995-1997 Treasurer 1997-1999 president 2002-2005 and again in 2008 and returned as president in 2009.

Some improvements during his presidency are; The new fence - Awning over front of amenities block - signage over the container - night lights to allow for night games - new ground PA system. Instigated, built and maintains the club website - Was responsible for the publication of the year book first published in 1997. 40ft container added to the park to house our office and storeroom.

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Remy Clarke 2006

After 17 seasons with the club helping out in the canteen for a number of years and serving on the committee Remy was voted a life member in November .

Remy joined the club back in 1990 when she brought son Joven to the club to play in the under 7s. Joven has also received "Player Life Membership" after 10 consecutive years of play with The Kookas.

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Andy Luc 2006

Andy has had many years with the Kookas starting as a player as a youngster. Moving on to play grade then returning to coach various teams over the past few years.

Andy also served on the board of management his last port folio being treasurer.

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Toni Luc 2006

Toni has been a very strong part of the Kookas since 1996 managing the same team through to the under 16s.

Toni was the club secretary from 2002 through to 2006 a total of 5 years, she also had a couple of years as social secretary all this whilst still finding time to continue managing her team.

Was secretary during the improvements to Adams Park, eg; Night Lights, Awning, fence etc. including 40ft container to house our office and storeroom

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Albert Strohmayer 2008

Since joining the club in 1994 Albert has been a very strong supporter of the Kookas firstly as a team sponsor then joining the committee as a very willing helper if anything is broken or in need of repair around the park Albert is always the willing hand to put things right.

In later years Albert served on the board of management firstly as Vice President then Treasurer followed as President for 2 years 2006 & 2007 then again as vice president in 2008 then again as president from June 2009.

Albert is our chief chef on the Bar-B-Q at home games and has gained quite a reputation throughout the Parramatta district for his mouth watering steak sandwiches.

In 2011 he converted the old canteen into the visitors change as a number of visiting players seemed to enjoy belting & damaging the roller/shutter door between the the home & visitors change rooms 

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Emma Strohmayer 2009

Emma has given meritorious service since 1994 firstly as a partner in a team sponsorship for 7 years. She has carried out work on the financial side of the club assisting husband Albert when he was the treasurer.

Emma has always been available to help out doing jobs for the club whenever needed. She has made many hundreds of chicken schnitzels for the canteen a sourse of much needed profit. 

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Fred Hawkes 2009

Fred receives his life membership for the many years of meritorous service to the club.                             Fred marks the lines on the playing surface every Friday ready for Saturdays games. He has also been a team manager for several seasons, has helped out as ground manager when needed in general Fred is available to take on tasks handed to him and will see it through. Fred is very reliable and is usually first at the ground on game days.

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Stephen Davey 2011

Stephen has been a member of the club for the past 10 seasons and has been an active member firstly as a parent who was a willing helper and for the past four years as treasurer. Stephen introduced a standard procedure which all treasurers can follow in the years to come. 

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Elizabeth (Ali) Gonzalez 2011

Ali has been a member of the club since 2002 and has covered ream managers job for all of theose years she has had 3 boys play for the club one being Lorenzo played Harold Matthews in 2011.

Lorenzo was awarded Player Life Membership in 2011 after playing a continous 10 seasons with the club.

Ali has been a member of the board of management for the past four years as assistant secretary.

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