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Berkeley Sports
Current Jackpot
$2400 Jackpot 18 May 2018

Berkeley Sports RLFC run the Jackpot Joker held at Berkeley Sports Club every Friday.

For a chance to win the Jackpot Joker, purchase $5.00 worth of tickets in the meat raffle on sale from 5.30pm, and receive a free entry for every $5.00 worth of tickets purchased. Any Purchase of $10.00 and over receives free tickets to the value of your purchase..

Meat raffle is drawn at 7.00pm, at the conclusion of the raffle an entry will be drawn from the barrel and the lucky person will have a chance to Flip the Joker!

If you find the Joker in the deck of cards on display you win the Jackpot Prize. If the Joker is not turned over, amount jackpots by $100 the following week.

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