Game Times 26th May

game times for boorowa this saturday.

main ground
10am leaguetag Bwa v Young
10:45 H/B under 13s v Young
11:45 H/B under12s v Young
12:30 H/B under 14s v Young
1:30 H/B 15s v Young

Rugby Ground

11am Bwa 7s v Young H/B 8s v young
11:40 H/B 9s v Young leaguetag Harden v Young
12:20 Harden 7s v Young
1pm H/B 10s v Young

Should be good to go any dramas give me a bell-cheersmore


All players, spectators and parents are reminded that Boorowa Junior Rugby League and Group 9 Junior Rugby League operate under the NRL Code of Conduct. Any person who is in breach of this code can be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

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