Club History

A Short Wattles History

The Wattles Rugby League Football Club had it’s beginnings back in 1966 when the Clifton and Allora Rugby League Clubs combined to form what was then known as Allora/Clifton, the Wattles name attached some years later. The club’s ...first President was former Allora footballer and current Wattles Patron & Life Member Brian Smith. Brian, along with inaugural Senior Vice-President Jack Enright and James Gleeson were largely responsible for the formation of the Allora-Clifton club. The club has always played in their traditional green & gold colours, their jerseys in their initial year, green with gold numbers. The Allora-Clifton club’s first matches were pre-season trials against Warwick club Collegians on Sunday March 6th, 1966. Collegians won all three grades played on the day, with the Warwick Daily News reporting that “for Allora-Clifton, hardest worker was Dave Achilles. Bevan Crothers penetrated well at five-eight while Rob Lester made several good runs in the backs. Ted Cowley played his usual honest game and Kev ‘Gunner’ Smith led the forward pack”. The very next week the two clubs clashed again in another round of pre-season trials at Warwick’s Queens Park, Collegians again winning all matches. Allora-Clifton players to impress in the first grade match lost 14 – 16 included Des Cantwell, Russell Cass, Des Power & Rob Lester. A feature of the match was Ted Cowley busting through the defence and racing 60 metres before off loading to Mal Henry to score. A third and final pre-season trial saw the new Allora-Clifton club play it’s first games at Allora, when they were defeated by Eastern Suburbs by 25 – 10. Allora-Clifton ran on in their first official club fixture in the Warwick District Rugby League competition on March 27th, 1966 against Millmerran at Allora, winning the match in a positive start to the season. The “Greens” as they were known met Collegians in their second match, at Warwick’s Queens Park, suffering a 26 – 5 defeat, centre Barry Donegan scoring Allora-Clifton’s only try. The Allora-Clifton side that played the first grade match that day were Tony Cartwright, Mal Henry, Des Cantwell, Rob Lester, Stuart. Sparksman, Bevan Crothers, Barry Donegan, Ted Cowley, Dave Achilles, Des Power, Tom Zeller, Russell Cass, Kev Smith (Captain). Allora-Clifton only played one season, 1966, in the Warwick District competition, being admitted to the Toowoomba Rugby League in 1967. In that first year in the T.R.L. the Under 16 side made the Grand Final but were defeated. Wattles first premiership was won by an Under 16 team though, defeating All Whites 17 – 7 in the 1968 Grand Final. The 1968 season also saw the Allora-Clifton club gain their first State representative when Les Lane was selected for Queensland. Allora-Clifton became Wattles in 1969 after a competition organised by Mal Eiby to give the club a name. The club has tasted much success in its 43 year history. Wattles won their first A Grade premiership in 1970, defeating Valleys by 20 – 17. The team was Mick Gleeson, Denis Fogarty, Bevan Crothers, John Cowley, Dan Ryan, Brian Keleher, Mal Duff, Lew Platz, Greg Platz, Brian Meara, Jim Phelan, Terry Fogarty, Laurie Lipp, Mick Bowe, Rob Rowlings, Sid Telford, Dennis Ryan, Joe Gleeson & Trevor Gleeson. Wattles also won Toowoomba Rugby League premierships in 1997 (A Grade), 1976 & 1992 (2nd Grade), 1992 (3rd Grade), 1998 (Under 19), 1976, 1977, 1991 (Under 18) and 1968, 1974, 1975, 1977 (Under 16). Wattles highest club award is the Clifton Courier Shield for the club’s “Player of the Year”. Many great players names adorn this trophy, including International forward Greg Platz, future A.R.L./N.R.L. players Robbie Tew & Tony Duggan, three time winner Sam Achilles and Cameron Hamblin, a five time winner of the “Player of the Year” award. The club boasts four Internationals in the Platz brothers Greg & Lew, Rohan Hancock and former champion Brisbane Broncos front-rower Shane Webcke. Wattles have also had numerous players rise from their ranks to play with A.R.L./N.R.L. clubs in the National competition, including: Shane Webcke, Kirk Reynoldson, Phil Morwood, Tony Duggan, Travis Burns, Robbie Tew, Jordan Atkins, Grant Rix, & Mark Meskell.                                 Glyn Rees


Wattles Rugby League Football Club Life Members

Mr Denis Fogarty
Mrs S Whittle (dec'd)
Mr Geoff Slatter (dec'd) & Mrs Heather Slatter
Mr (dec'd) & Mrs (dec'd) Wal Platz
Mr Peter Glass & Mrs Judy Glass
Mr Vince Bermingham (dec'd)
Mr & Mrs John Enright
Mrs Cassie Ryan
Mr David Achilles & Mrs Naomi Achilles
Mr David Ragh
Mr Jeff Horan (dec'd)
Mr Peter McVeigh
Mr Lex Ellwood (dec'd)
Mr Rob Fisher
Mr Brian Smith (dec'd) & Mrs Joyce Smith
Mr Ted Cavanagh
Mr Fred Bishop (dec'd)
Mrs Ilma Cavanagh
Mr Terry Cuskelly
Mr Perry Cronin
Mrs Lyn Cronin
Mr Peter Schriek (dec'd)
Mr Pat Reilly (dec'd)
Mr Kevin Collingridge
Mr Brian "Boxer" Byrne
Mr Rodney Frahm (dec'd)
Mrs Janette Frahm
Mr & Mrs Terry O'Halloran
Mr Noel May
Mr Ron Kemp
Mr Alwyn Hamblin
Mrs Mary Hamblin
Mr Jack Duggan & Mrs Michelle Duggan
Mr & Mrs Roland Hancock
Mr Terry Doyle (dec'd)
Mr Glyn Rees
Mr Lindsay Ruhle
Mrs Lenore Ruhle
Mrs Margaret Hentschel
Mr Ross Ruhle
Mrs Wendy Rees
Mr Peter Cavanagh
Mrs Angela Van Der Poel
Mr Don Scheid
Mr Neville Miller

2014 Patron: Mr Jack Duggan
Past Patrons: Mr Brendan (Jack) Bange, Mr Peter Glass, Messrs J Logan, F Bishop, P Reilly, Peter Schreik, Jeffrey Horan, Brian Smith.


Executive Committee and A Grade Coaches
Year President Secretary Treasurer A Grade Coach
1966/67  B Smith  V Murphy / M Grayson  K Casey / N Bradfield  E Gill
1968  John Gleeson  M Grayson   N Achilles  W Pollard / E Boshammer
1969  James Gleeson  J Keenan  J Fogarty  M Gleeson
1970  James Gleeson  D Fogarty  J Fogarty  M Gleeson
1971  James Gleeson  D Fogarty  J Fogarty  M Gleeson
1972  James Gleeson  D Fogarty  N Achilles  T Fogarty
1973  V Bermingham  D Fogarty  T Lister   Joe Gleeson 
1974  V Bermingham  D Fogarty  T Lister   B Marks
1975  T Cuskelly  L Ellwood  T Lister   Joe Gleeson 
1976  T Cuskelly  L Ellwood  T Lister   L Clarke 
1977  T Cuskelly   L Ellwood  T Lister    G Platz 
1978  D Enright  L Ellwood  T Lister    R Clothier 
1979  D Kennedy  P Glass   K Slattery  P Glass 
1980  P Glass  B O'Sullivan   B Byrne / C Ryan   R Cameron 
1981  J Enright  B Donegan   C Ryan   P Glass
1982  J Enright  P Cronin   C Ryan   D Garvey   
1983  T Ryan  P Cronin   C Ryan   G Sander 
1984  P Cronin   J Enright   R Primus   G Sander 
1985  P Cronin  P McVeigh   R Primus  S Achillies
1986  M Gill  P McVeigh   E Carey / P McVeigh  D Ragh
1987  M Gill  P McVeigh  D Brown   D Ragh 
1988  E Cavanagh  W Davies   D Brown   R Walmsley 
1989  T O'Halloran  W Davies  D Brown  P Glass
1990  T O'Halloran  J Glass  D Brown  P Glass
1991  T O'Halloran  P Glass  J Frahm  D Gibson
1992  M Hamblin  P Glass  J Frahm   D Gibson 
1993  M Hamblin  P Glass   J Frahm  D Gibson
1994  P Glass  T Doyle   J Frahm  B Bange
1995  P Muller  T Doyle   M Hamblin  K Guymer
1996  P Muller  T Doyle    M Hamblin  M Ryan
1997  N Bowe  T Doyle    M Hamblin   J McClusky
1998  N Bowe  T Doyle    M Hamblin  R Frahm 
1999  T Doyle  G Rees   M Hamblin   B Bange
2000  T Doyle   G Rees   L Ruhle   B Bange
2001  J Duggan   G Rees   L Ruhle  C Hamblin / D Comerford
2002  J Duggan   G Rees   L Ruhle  C Hamblin 
2003  J Duggan   M Hentschel  L Ruhle  D Sparksman
2004  J Duggan  M Hentschel   L Ruhle  D Sparksman
2005  T Doyle  M Hentschel  L Ruhle  D Sparksman
2006  J Duggan  M Hentschel  L Ruhle  L Wharton
2007  J Fogarty  A Van Der Poel  L Ruhle  L Wharton
2008  J Fogarty  A Van Der Poel  A Van Der Poel  L Wharton 
2009  J Fogarty  M Miller  A Van Der Poel  D Sparksman 
2010  B Glass  J Van Der Poel   A Van Der Poel  C Hamblin
2011  B Glass  A Van Der Poel  Alana Gale   R McMillan & G McMillan
2012  B Glass  A Van Der Poel  Alana Gale  R McMillan & G McMillan
2013  A Scheid   G Rees   J McMillan  L Duggan 
2014  A Scheid  J Frizzell   J McMillan  L Duggan 



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