Life Members

A Moss Vale Dragons JRLC Life Membership is a unique honour granted by the club if a club person meet one (1) of the following criteria:

  1. The club person/s goes beyond the ordinary requirements of their role within the club.
  2. The club person/s has a continuous contribution to the club for an extended period of time, extending more than ten (10) years.

If you are a current club member and would like to nominate someone, please click on the attached PDF and the forms must be completed and posted to Moss Vale Dragons JRLC, PO Box 317, MOSS VALE, NSW, 2577 or emailed to by no later than 5pm of the date of each yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The following is a list of our clubs honourees:

CECIL JOHN 'POP' BURGOYNE gained membership in 1972.

FRED COOK gained membership in 1975.

SONIA STAPLES gained membership in 1983.

ALAN CHRISTIE gained membership in 1983.

FRED DUKES gained membership in 1986.

ARTHUR COOPER gained membership in 1988.



PAM COOPER gained membership in 1992.

JOHN GREY gained membership in 1993.

JUDY FLETCHER gained membership in1998.

JOAN SIMPSON gained membership in 1998.

TERRY FISH gained membership in 2008.

MATTHEW BURKE gained membership in 2014.

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