What a great way to finish off the season with two premierships! We had 5 teams reach the semi-finals (U10s, U11s, U13s U15s and A Grade) - this result was the most successful year we've had on the field in quite a while.  Congratulations to the U11s and U13s who took out the win! I would like to mention that Huw Ellis has achieved a significant milestone in the club's history reaching 25 years of playing service; joining the "25 year club" whereby only 2 previous players have reached this milestone.  Well done Huw on this great achievement!

I would like to thank each and every one of the committee members for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. We wouldn't have been able to make it such a successful year without the support of our volunteers; in particular the volunteers who worked in the canteen during the final series. I would like to mention the commitment of Annette Hapgood in the running of the canteen throuhout the year and personally thank her for all her support and hard work - thank you! As a result of all this hard work we will have a healthy amount to carry us over into 2016.

Throughout 2015 the executive commitee have been meeting with the local council and the NRL to discuss potential money grants to assist in the renovation of the change rooms, public toilets and sewer replacement. Further plans have been discussed to build a new canteen facing the grounds and club office in the near future. Therefore it is important to maintain a healthy financial position to assist with the future plans of the building of Club amenities.

As some of you may be aware, 2016 is a very special year for Arncliffe Scots Rugby League Club reaching its 90 year anniversary. To mark this important year, there will be a reunion held in celebration of this milestone. Details of this occasion will be communicated early next year.

As always a big thank you goes out to my executive team, Glenys, Glenn, Matthew and Greg for their loyalty and support throughout the year.

Again thank you everyone for your support and I hope to see you next year.

Darrell Bartlett

President - Life Member



Such a great year, for so many reasons both on and off the field. A year to be proud of our Club. A year where the Arncliffe Scots name, jersey and club, was prominent in the Rugby League world and for all the right reasons. The achievements and sportsmanship that we have long been recognised for was acknowledged in all facets of the media and the name Scots once again shone brightly, a good omen as we go into our 90th Anniversary next year. 

To watch our Under 8 and Under 9 boys stand so proud and erect with the Dragons for the 100 Year Anzac Celebration was a moment to be cherished by all who love our club. It is a moment I will never forget.  These young boys knew the specialness of the occasion and they did not put a foot out of place.  The congratulations poured onto my desk from Arncliffe Scots people all over the world.

The year started on a good note with the Under 9's helped out by the Under 8's selected to play at the Charity Shield Match and ended with the Under 10 team playing in the St George Bank Challenge before the Dragons in the last normal round of the season.

It was a successful year on the field, with 5 of our 7 competitive age teams playing in Semi Finals, two of these teams going on to win Premierships. Congratulations to our Under 13-2 team and Under 11 team on great grand final wins,both won in fine style. And also to the Under 12 team winning the Rimmer Knock out, one of the best moments of the season.

The weather had a big influence on this years season, with four complete washed out weekends.  For some teams, our A Grade being one, with byes added this meant as little as 10 games played for the 17 rounds.  It was also a season in the SCC Comp with far too many forfeits from clubs who could not field their nominated teams, this greatly affected our Under 15 and Under 13 teams, both missing games due to the opposition pulling out.  This is a problem that the SCC is looking into and will address next season.

We were the first club to be chosen for an afternoon with the Dragons and therefore this was promoted by the Dragons on their website and also featured in an article in the Leader. What a great afternoon it turned out to be with our young players, siblings and parents, mingling and spending time with Benji Marshall and Scots Dragons players Kiti Glymin and Ryan Fletcher from the Under 20 team.

I would at this point like to extend my congratulations to Kiti Glymin on reaching first grade, he is a loyal Arncliffe Scots boy who has not forgotten where he spent his learning days or those who helped him. A fine example of a young man with the right attitude and dedication to back up his talent. We are proud of you Kiti.

The Under 8's hit the spotlight again and our television sets  with "Small talk with the Big Marn on the Footy Show" they were a delight, so honest and funny and how good did our jerseys look on the tele, our special colours and jersey, it even caught the attention of the Scottish Rugby League whose President contacted me for more information on the club, and who has now sent us a wonderful gift of a Scottish Jersey and is planning on bringing the whole Scottish team to visit us when they arrive next year for the World Cup.

To my son Huw, on playing his 25th season with the club he loves so much. I extend my congratulations and pride in his football career and in all he does for Scots and Rugby League. No one has a greater love of the game or our club than Huw and I know that all will join with me in honouring him on this occasion.  I also make note that Rhys now has 26 seasons and it is game on to see which brother will hold the record.

In closing I would like to thank my fellow members of the Club's Executive Darrell, Glenn, Snowy and Greg for their tireless work for our club and for the support that they give me as Club Secretary. Thank you to Annette for an unbelievable year in the Canteen. On this note I would like to add my personal thank you to Toni Hughes and Linda Christie, without these two ladies and the assistance they give me it would not be possible to do my job. Last and by no means least to all the players each and every one of you, for the joy in watching you play, for the respect you have for your club, and for always making me proud to be a Scottie and your Secretary.

Glenys Ellis - Club Secretary - Life Member

Life Member - St George District Junior Rugby League

Life Member - St George District Rugby League




This year a very special thank you must go to those people who slaved for 4 days in the Jubilee Oval Canteen over the Semi Finals, the Finals and a very long Grand Final Day, only to come back and do it again on representative trial day. This mighty effort lead by our Canteen Manager Annette Hapgood, Treasurer Glenn Ellis and Vice President Greg Hughes, more than made up for the 3 washed out weekends at Cahill Park and has given us the bank balance needed for the end of year events. We owe a huge thank you to these people and Annette's family, Toni and the volunteers from the team officials who lent a hand. It was a mighty effort, and wonderful result and you have the gratitude of all at Scots.

To our Social Committee, Joanne and Steve Quinn, Margaret and Michael Tsougranis, thank you for a fantastic Trivia Night, so enjoyed by all who attended, it was a great night and a success financially. Would also like to thank all the Scots officials who got into the "spirit" of things and came dressed so well. Thanks also to Mick and Margaret for 3 Family State of Origin Nights, we christened the Club's new screen in style.  I know this awesome foursome has some great plans for our End of Season Events, so thank you in advance.

The good results on the field this year were a reflection of the amount of work put into the teams by the team officials. It was a season where the performance given by the 12 coaches that directed our 10 teams was of the highest standard both on the field and in the advice and handling of the players off the field.  Our trainers were wonderful and as this is a section of the club where we could do with more officials, most of our trainers backed up and worked with at least two teams.  The Managers all did more than look after their own teams, they ran the Starlight Cake Stall, helped in the Canteen, did Gate Duty, assisted with registration and on top of this they took home the jerseys and washed them each week. Thanks ladies you are fantastic. On behalf of the players thank you all.

To our General Committee, thank you for always being on call when needed to support and work for the club. Yet another brilliant year for our Website, all thanks to the talents and time commitment from Toni, who is also one of our two Junior League Meeting delegates and so gives up her Monday nights as well. Thank you once again.

To those people not officials, parents or supporters who helped out on set-up and pack-up and Gate Duty at Cahill Park thank you, your assistance is greatly appreciated.


We appreciate all your efforts and support.

Darrell Bartlett, Glenn Ellis, Matthew Hapgood, Greg Hughes and Glenys Ellis



Under 6 - Coach Dib's second year with the Under 6's proved just as fruitful as his first, as seen by the smiles on both Coach and kids faces each game.  With half the team 5 year olds and a couple even younger this was truly the Club "Kindy" team. Training was fun and games were fun, just as it should be.

Under 7 - Dan the Man in his first year of coaching had to deal with only having the 8 kids needed to take the field. Had the team so well drilled that the boys by the end of the season were able to play without Dan on the field which is not required until Under 8's. They won their fair share of games and enjoyed their football.

Under 8 - Grew in numbers to eleven players who under the coaching of Mick who had said he would never take a Mini Side and loved it so much he is backing up next year, were extremely competitive, all boys playing well.  Welcome also to Scots to Trainer Akuila who did a great job. These boys will be great in Mod Competitive football next season. Unbelievable season off the field helping the Under 9 at the Charity Shield, standing with the Dragons at the Anzac Day Celebrations and meeting the Big Marn and appearing on television.

Under 9 - Once again lacking in numbers but not spirit, supported each week by the Under 8 boys, they played to their best and enjoyed their football. Faithful Coach and Trainer Jack and Greg were on board again, trying always to improve the boys even recruiting A Grade players for tackling practise. Chosen to play before the Dragons at the Charity Shield wonderful experience for the boys and the mates they took along from the Under 8's.

Under 10 - Had a good year as seen by the results in reaching the final of the Rimmer Knockout and the Semi Final in normal competition. This experience can only help them in the future. With almost always a full team at training, Ben's structure had the kids so well drilled that they would set up training while he filled the water bottles.  Great end to the season with the St George Bank Game before the Dragons v Tigers at Homebush.

Under 11 - Super Coach Mick and his trusted offsiders went back to back not to mention undefeated this year. Some tougher competition stepped up this year, however the mateship between this team and its officials handled this by playing football well above their years. Can we do it again in Under 12 full field and 13 players, bring it on.

Under 12 - Finally to have a full team of players this season, saw this side grow in confidence as well as skill. Russ' coaching philosophy is one of the best I have encountered, concentrating more on the enjoyment and learning than winning. Learnt how to battle through adversity leading into the Rimmer when an opposing team got physical and this paid off when they had to lift for their well earned win in the Rimmer Knockout.

Under 13ii - Graded Division 2 in what should have been 3 to 4 divisions however due to Souths and Canterbury choosing not to play in Under 13's this side was unchallenged all season. Finally at least enough players to take the field thanks to some new and returning boys, under Darrell and Hohepa's coaching they played entertaining running football. At the end of the last Brother's game where several Scots boys helped Brother's out by playing on their team Darrell asked Brother's Coach Laurie Daley if he needed help with the NSW side next season.

Under 15iii - New Coach and half a new team proved to be what this side needed, Andre and his trainers worked tirelessly to bond the long time Scots boys with the new players and succeeded.  The right attitude towards playing and training was demanded by the new coach and proved to be what was needed and when put in difficult situations on the field, the team's response was excellent. Narrowly getting beaten in the Semi Final in a tough game, I hope the side takes this loss as drive to come back and do better next year.

A Grade ii - Another tale of what could have been, the side didn't get the result they desired particularly with promise shown in a draw against St Christophers in the first round who eventually went up to 1st Division and finished in the finals.  Rhys and Ron pulled their hair out week in week out with not knowing who would be at training or games but when the team's attitude was on point would get the best out of the side. The fight and heart of each player is shown every time they take the field when you look across to the opposition who are triple their size. If we can get the desire to put the effort into training I know we can reach that elusive A Grade Premiership.

A massive thank you to all coaching staff and officials who go above and beyond to make the club what it is and uphold it's great history. You may not get the praise you deserve but you can see it on the smiles on the faces of the players and parents you come into contact with. A good coach is not measured by wins but by making a player better through skills learnt, and having players who want to play for you. In saying that I can say that Scots have some great coaches, and hope to see you all back season 2016.

Huw Ellis  Coaching Convenor







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