Again we come to the end of another season; I must start by saying that 2014 has been one of the best years at Scots; without all the help from the committee and parents the Football Club wouldn't be as successful.  As a result of this hard work it looks like we will have some money left over for the start of next season, which is a great foot-up and hasn't happened for a long time.

What a way to finish the 2014 season with the A Grade and U/10's making the Grand Final and the U/10's coming away with the win.  A big congratulations to Mick and his team on a successful year.

A special congratulations goes to Rhys Ellis on reaching a significant milestone: playing 25 years of continuous football and equalling Ian Maclean Jnr's record.  It takes a great effort to play rugby league for that amount of time and especially dedicating that time to one club.  Hopefully Rhys can play one more year and hold the record, his grandfather who started this great club would be so proud.

To my executive team; Glenys, Glenn, Matthew and Greg - thank you for your dedication and support throughout the year.  A special thank you goes to Matthew for staying on as Vice President, especially while both his boys had to play at another club.  I look forward to working alongside you all next year.

Again thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you all in 2015.

Also I would like to thank the Licensed Club for their ongoing support despite the difficulties faced, and hope that combined efforts from all sporting groups will assist the Club into recovery.  A special thank you goes out to new club sponsors Greg and Peter from South-Side Security  and to all our individual team sponsors who assist with supplying our kids with extra gear.

Darrell Bartlett

President, Life Member



What a fantastic way to end a season - Grand Final Day at Jubilee with a Premiership win to our Under 10 team and a Grad Final for the A Grade.  Both teams performances brought only pride and respect for our wonderful club.

In last year's report I noted a hope that our new Cahill Park lights would bring a renewed lease of life to our Club.  I am pleased to say that all we hoped for and more came to fruition.  We had a big influx of new players for most grades, especially the U/6 to U/11 age group and this showed in the results on the field.  We managed to hold our U/12 and U/14 teams together and both sides proved competitive.  Our Under 19 team was very competitive just missing out on the Semi Finals.  And our A Grade team thrilled us all with their last few games rush to the Grand Final.

The new lights proved fantastic to train under and we hosted night games including the St George v's Wests Development Squad gamse and the Semi Final play-offs.  It is hoped that next season we will see normal competition night games at Cahill.

We followed on from the last two seasons with even more wonderful volunteers helping with all the clubs many activities and tasks.  It was truly the best year ever for the support and general "one club" team effort from all Scots officials and volunteers, it made for a more successful and happy club and was very much appreciated by the Club's Executive officials and all players.  This was no more evident than in our Big Breakfast Wind Up, when everyone stayed to help pack up the park for the season and sort and count gear for next year, this normally takes a few of us a couple of days, it was done in a couple of hours.  At this point I would like to congratulate Annette on a great first year as Canteen Manager and compliment Margaret, Mick, Joanne and Steve on a fantastic Trivia Night enjoyed by all who attended.  Let's hope for more social nights during next year's season.  There is a more detailed thank you to all these wonderful people following this report.

In a year where as Ground Manager I had occasion to speak to or report some Club Officials from other clubs for the manner in which they addressed the players in their care, I am delighted to say that at Scots we seem to have a culture of team Officials, Coaches, Trainers and Managers who address players both young and senior boys in a quiet controlled manner, giving them respect and getting it back in return.  As a club proud of its reputation for sportsmanship and fair play the manner win which our officials act is very important in passing this on to the players.  With the type of officials we have our club can only get stronger.

I would again like to thank the players from younger grades who showed their club spirit and mateship in backing up the team above, especially the Under 11 support of the Under 12's and in return the U/12 support of the Under 14 side.

I am pleased to report that the Licensed Club is growing stronger and stronger and I thank all those club officials and their families who have gone to the club during the year and flown the Rugby League flag.  On behalf of the A Grade boys I would also like to thank all the younger grades families who were at the club with the A Grade on Grand Final Night. "One Club - One Team".  It turned into quite a party.

I would like to extend my congratulations to my son Rhys on his 25 playing years by letting him know how proud I am of him and his achievement.  He has chosen to follow his Grandfather, his Father and I in his love and commitment to "his club" and deserves the respect and honour of all at Scots on the occasion of his 25th season.

Welcome to our new club sponsor VP Greg and his partner Peter of South-Side Security & Investigations Pty Ltd.  The fantastic financial input that this had on the club this year made a huge difference, made life a lot easier and was greatly appreciated by all at the club.  How good did it look each week to see all our officials in the same club shirt.  On a similar note seeing all the players turning up at games in the club shirts was fantastic, and no one seemd to miss not arriving in a jersey and the managers all appeared to cope with the extra washing.

My personal thank you also goes to our President Darrell for his strong and sensible leadership of our club and for all the work he does for our club, a lot behind the scenes that goes un-noticed.  To Snowy for all his time and effort, especially in what could not have been an easy year with both his boys having to play elsewhere due to a lack of team at Scots.  To Greg who was always at the park for game and training and never stopped working on everything.  We are all extremely grateful.  To my Glenn  our Treasurer and Bar-B-Cue cook, we could not get through a season without you.  And to the two ladies who were there for me all year for whatever I needed help with, Toni Hughes and Linda Christie, thank you.

To the Scots players from Under 6 to Under 19 who gave their best each week and in doing so brought pleasure to our supporters and honour to our club  - thank you and to the A Grade team who gave me the best few weeks of the year in the lead up to and the the Grand Final  - thank you I enjoyed every minute of it.

Glenys Ellis

Club Secretary - Life Member Arncliffe Scots

Life Member St George District Rugby League Club - Life Member St George District Junior League



  • To the Team Officials, Coaches, Trainers and Managers who week after week give up their time at training and at games for our players, many who backed up or worked with two teams, and for the extra effort on ground duty or Car Park.
  • All our wonderful Committee Members who all gave a special committment this year giving time and effort on Ground Duty, Car Park Duty, Bar-B-Cue, Registration and General Duties, Jubilee Oval Canteen, Training Night Canteen and so much more including packing up the park on Big Breakfast Day.                                                  Thank you Donna Berry, Nigel Berry, Tracy Braithwaite, Carolyn Day, Linda Christie, Michael Christie, Russell Flynn, Sam Gamboli, Michele Harris, Mal Hoy, Amber Mangraviti, Jack Mangraviti, Steve Quinn, Arthur Whale, Linda Younie and Kevin York.
  • To Annette and her family support team for the best Canteen in the SCC and for a successful Jubilee Oval Canteen Day.  To Annette and the Training Night Canteen Volunteers, Linda Christie, Diana Apostolovski, Lee Hoy, Melanie Gruppelaar, Pam Oxford and Michele Harris, best result ever for Training Night Canteen.
  • To our Coaching Convenor Huw, for his work with all our teams and the extra counselling sessions provided for a coiuple of our teams this year.
  • To Toni Hughes, Linda Christie, Zeinab Meslmani, Amber Mangraviti and Lee Hoy for all the help with Registration.
  • To Toni for the best website in not just our district but the whole SCC.
  • To the Bar-B-Cue support team, especially Greg Hughes, Jack Mangraviti, Amber Mangraviti, Steve Quinn, Michale Tsougranis, Tracy Braithwaite, Toni Hughes and Kelly Carmichael.
  • To Margaret and Michael Tsougranis and Joanne and Steve Quinn for the best Trivia Night - enjoyed by all.
  • To Amber and Lee for a great Cup Cake Day.
  • To those non committee or team officials and parents who just helped out when asked.

We appreciate all your efforts and support.

Darrell Bartlett, Glenn Ellis, Matthew Hapgood, Greg Hughes and Glenys Ellis



Under 6 - Dib had to get his mind set back to Under 6 but once he did the kids skills and abilities improved leaps and bounds.  Well aided by Dan, we are not sure who had more fun, the kids or the team officials.

Under 7 - Davids first year officially as a Coach was a good one, joined by Anthony.  The boys had a great time and won more than their fair share of games under the care of these two new Coaches.

Under 8 - Greg and Jack had a great year with the boys, like the 7's winning more than they lost.  A lot of talent in this team, it will be interesting to see them in Mod next year.

Under 9 - Ben's boys had a great first year in competitive football making it all the way to the Semi Final, a well drilled side with lots of talent, they trained well all year and it showed on the field.

Under 10 - Back to back Grand Finals this time getting all the glory.  Well coached by Mick and his helpers these boys played football a level higher than their age, all 18 boys contributing to their wins.

Under 11 - Under first year Coach Russell this team was not only the most improved side in Scots but the whole St George Mod competition.  They played some great football and better results are ahead for them next year.

Under 12 - This team could do anything if they could just get enough players.  Well coached by Hohepa and super talented, let's hope they stick together next year, gain a few new players to bolster their ranks and take on Junior International football.

I was very impressed to see that all Coaches in our Mini and Mod focused on fun and skill development rather than winning every game.  Winning is a plus in Mini and Mod rather than pushing players out of the game.  Well done all Scots Coaches.

Under 14 - A difficult year with the large number of players early in the year dropping off.  However credit must go to Hohepa for keeping the remaining boys together and also to the loyal boys who played some great football and won their last 5 games in a row.

Under 19 - Congratulations to first year with Scots Coach Ron -  a job well done, we hope you like Scots and stick around.  This side should have finished much higher than they did, just missing the Semi with a loss in the Semi playoff.  These boys were never out of the battle evident by never losing a game by more than 6 points.

A Grade - The year that could have been, starting the year with over 30 players. Numbers soon dropped off due to injuries and work commitments.  The core boys stuck through a midyear slump, the team came good with an underdog story that ended one short with a Grand Final loss.  Congratulations to Rhys on his 25 year playing record and on a Coaching job well done, one of the main reasons we made it as far as we did.

Thank you to all the Coaching and Training Officials for your efforts this year.  As always it was terrific to see all the players who supported their club mates in the team above by playing up.


Coaching Convenor





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