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Smiling and relaxed faces alround at the 2012 Dundas Shamrocks Presentation day.

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SHAMROCKS receive 2009 Junior club Champion award at the Balmain Awards night

Shamrocks President Bob Siemsen receiving The 2009 Junior Club Champions shield.

Record 7 teams in the 2009 Grand Final - 3 Premiers, U/9's, U/10's, U/16's

Leichhardt Wanderers President receiving The 2009 Senior Club Champions shield.

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Curtis Sironen at 2009 Balmain Awards night

Photos from 2009 Balmain Awards night.

Curtis Sironen, son of Legendary Paul "Sirro" Sironen, receiving his award for Harold Matts 

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2009 Balmain Awards night #4

Table of Shamrocks players more -->

2009 Balmain Awards night #3

The Dundas Shamrocks table.. more -->

2009 Balmain Awards night #5

More young Shamrocks with their awards more -->

Under 10's Div 2- 2009 Grand final Winners

Under 10's Div 2- Grand final Winners - see you all in 2010 more -->

U12's DIV2

2009 Under 12 Division 2's.

Hope to see you all again this year

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Players of the year 2009

Players of the year 2009 with Paul Sironen

Senior players of the year- Matthew Mizzi and Mark Daoud (absent)

Junior players of the year- Josh Rizk and Brad Doherty

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Eager Shamrocks!

Some of the many eager Shamrocks ready to have a game of Golf on Sunday 23 February. more -->

Scratch Winners

Scratch Winners George, Steve, Gavin and Michael. more -->

Back to the Dundas Sports Club...

Back to the Dundas Sports club for the presentation of the Handicap winners Bob C, Mani and Bob S.

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Handicap Runners Up..

Handicap Runners Up....

Scott, Kym, Donna and Jenny 

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Thanks to Steve J....

Thanks to Steve J for organising this wonderful day! more -->

Thankyou to Stephen D..

Thanks to Stephen D for arranging the first Annual Shamrocks Golf day. more -->


Some of the Many keen golfers! more -->

Back to the club....

Back to the club to go over the days highlights! more -->

There was also.....

Wine appreciation..... more -->


Food appreciation! more -->

There was...

A few laughs... more -->


Some more food and beer... more -->

The night started...

to look a bit rosy.... more -->


A bit Blurry.... more -->


Everyone started to get close and cuddly.... more -->

And finished off with...

Wine, beer, smiles and playing up for the camera.... more -->

The SHAMROCKS trophy cabinet

Cabinet was Proudly built and Sponsored by Peter Langford of Premier Commercial Furniture.
Next time your at the club, check out all the New
items in there. more -->

A few drinks back at the club!

Lovely Mums from the U/14's more -->

A few Dads having a chat!

The Brains behind the success of the U/14's 2007 teams?!!  more -->

The Two Steves

The success story of "Back to the Club BBQ's" more -->

Tigers footy clinic at Leichardt.....

It was a glorious day at Leichhardt oval where a bunch of Shamrocks turned up for some training at the Tigers " Kids to Kangaroos" holiday clinic. more -->

Also we had....

Broncos, eagles and roosters..... more -->


Eels.... more -->

We saw.....

more Tigers! more -->

Under 7's Pepsi Shield winners

Our U7's represented the Shamrocks at the Tommy Bishop Gala day and walked away with the "Pepsi Shield"


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Under 6 Benny Elias shield winners

Here is a photo of our under 6's who won the Benny Elias Shield more -->

The Team

A great shot Benny Elias and the mighty Shamrocks U6's.
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The Team and Tigers

Our Shamrocks with some of the Tigers! more -->

The Shield

The Benny Elias Shield held firmly by Bradley who was voted player of the day. more -->

Brendan steps like Benji!

Brendan (U9 yellows)participated in the Benji Hop, Skip and Jump competition as part of the Proton Wests Tigers Family Fun Day at Telstra Stadium on Saturday, June 17.

He was one of five lucky young rugby league footballers who showed off their impersonation of Benji's famous sidestep in front of a crowd of 19,360.

Anthony Field, the blue wiggle from The Wiggles, and Benji's brother, Jordan, judged the competition.

Wests Tigers thank all the children who participated in the competition and made it such a success. more -->

Shamrocks U9's Yellows

The Shamrocks U9 yellows celebrate their first win of the season. more -->


The Club BBQ last Sunday was again a success with approx 100 shammies having a good time, watching the football, listening to the match reports and reminiscing about past glories and recent successes.
The day at the races last Saturday was a huge success with almost 30 shammies having a great time. See smiles on the faces in the below photo. Pockets were bulging with winnings after a very successful day. more -->

Shamrocks in Harold Matthews team

Attached are some images from Harold Mathews featuring Shamrocks representatives Mark Abraham, Matthew Mizzi and Daniel Jeffery more -->

Harold Matthews #2

our Shamrocks in action more -->

Harold Matthews #3

Go do us proud! more -->

Harold Matthews #4

Ok guys, where are you? more -->

Shamrocks in ANZAC test!!

A shot of the Stadium screen showing our U8's running onto the ground! more -->

Mighty U8's

Our U8's showed the big boys how to play footy when they played a Junior League Exhibition match at half time at the Tigers v Souths match. more -->

Shamrocks Home ground

A picture from space of The Shamrocks home ground at St Patricks Dundas. Across the top is Kissing Point Road. more -->

Gordon and Co - Macquarie Bank Sports Clinic

Gordon Tallis and some newly converted fans! more -->

Gordon Tallis and some young fans!

Who could imagine that a "tough" footballer would be so good with babies! more -->

Nathan Hindmarsh and fan!

Hey mum, who has the longer hair! more -->

Nathan Hindmarsh and lunch!

Everyones eating except me!
No food, no autograph - just kidding! more -->

Freddy Fittler and baby

Not to be outdone by Gordon, Freddy takes the baby and shows his Fatherhood skills! more -->

Freddy and fans

Freddy with some young fans. more -->

Canteen Capers!

After a game, young players need their sausage sandwiches, lollies, drinks and chips! And who is there to make this happen....the canteen volunteers of course! And who are these volunteers?? We managed to take a photo of these elusive folk. If you ever see them out of this environment please approach with care!!!

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Canteen capers #2

We were lucky enough to catch a photo of the male of this species. Even more dangerous, only approach while holding an offering of a drink, preferably beer! more -->

Macquarie Bank Sports Clinic

It was a beautiful Sunny day at St Ignatius College at Riverview where Macquarie Bank held its first Rugby League Sports clinic. The Magnificently manicured grounds provided the perfect backdrop for 500 noisy and enthusiastic Junior Rugby League players. The Shamrocks were coached by Nathan Hindmarsh, Gordon Tallis, Brad Fittler, Michael Crocker and others.
Noted was the genuine enjoyment the players got from working with the kids! more -->

Brad Fittler with Fans

Roosters Legend and everyones favourite player Brad Fittler with Thomas and Jacob more -->

Footy training Shamrocks style

Jacob showing Freddy how the Shamrocks train. After this "hit" Freddy had to go off on a break. It was Nathan Hindmarsh's turn next!!! more -->

Nathans Next...

Now its Nathan Hindmarsh's turn to take on Jacob. more -->

Thomas with Nathan

"I'll work with Thomas, you kids work with each other" Nathan decided. He must have heard about the mighty Shamrocks! more -->

Matthew and Nathan

Hey Nathan, how about a shot with Matthew? Nathan was gratious enough to let us shoot this photo with him despite being surrounded by kids! more -->

U8's - Winners of the Balmain U8's relay

Congratulations also to our U/8's who won a relay race at Leichhardt Oval. They were half time entertainment for the Tigers V Manly game. more -->

U6's - Future Origin Stars (NSW of course)

OK Guys watch me, this is how you do it!! more -->

U6's Motivational talk.

You are all doing great guys! Keep up the good work! more -->

U6's We can do this guys!

No it's not over yet guys, keep going, we can win this!!! more -->

U6's Success!

Catch me if you can! more -->

U8's (yellow) in the mud

This image shows what Shamrocks football is all about. Good mates, good times, good fun and having a ball in the mud!! more -->

Social club Ladies

We can have as much fun as you fellas! more -->

Social club cake

You get a lot of friends around here when you bring out chocolate cake! more -->

John, Alex and Bob

Inventor of new club logo John,
Everybodys assistant Alex,
Long serving Club President Bob, more -->

Social club raffle

Ladies organising the raffle! more -->

Social club cooks

Yeah right! You think you can do a better job than us? more -->

Social Club

Club stalwarts in action!
Social Club and Club executive
Steve Liversage,Steve Jeffery, Bob Siemsen,Bob Cooper and Scotty Jeffery. more -->

U12's cheer squad #3

The U12's guard of honour as the last of the 15's run onto the field. more -->

U12's cheer squad #2

Gooo 15's they cheered as they ran onto the field. more -->

Peter Perfect

Peter ready to off-load to Phil in support (Jelal and Sean in background). more -->

Luke in action!

Luke going in for another try!
Gooooo Luuuuuke! more -->

Captain Jelal

Great shot of Jelal setting up his team mate! more -->

Follow that ball U12's

A great shot of the U12's kicking off. more -->

Phil on his way to another U/12s try

No No No, when you do the hokey pokey you put your left hand in, not your right, just follow me !!!! more -->

The mighty under 12's

A group shot of the mighty under 12's more -->

Under 12's #2

We're cool! more -->

Under 12's #3

The "huddle" otherwise known as
"secret mens business" more -->

Under 12's #4

Mr "perpetual motion" Phil on the move.
Catch me if you can!!! more -->

Under 12's #5

Eat my dust, except for you Ms Linesperson more -->

Sean's Conversion U/12s

Go you good thing go!!! more -->

Robert in Action!

Go Robert gooooo! more -->


It will take more than three to hold me! more -->

Under 9's

You can't touch me! more -->

Under 9's in action

You can catch me but not stop me! more -->

Sean in Action

Do you best mate!!! You can't hurt me!! more -->

Proud sponsor of the Shamrocks!

Spotted in "Thats My Man" store in Eastwood Plaza was the Shamrocks Jersey proudly displayed!
Tell them you are with the Shamrocks and they will look after you! more -->


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