Greatest Balmain Referee of All Time

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, the Balmain Referees Association sought to identify the greatest referee ever to come from the Balmain District.

Over the course of 100 seasons, many great referees have graced the ovals of the Balmain District, but just who are the greatest ever. It's a bit like asking a parent who is your favourite child.  When you consider all the factors that determine a great referee, such as the quality of the players, the grounds, the number of games, the standard of football in Australia, the pace of the game, media intensity and changes in the Laws of the Game, it was simply impossible to identify just one referee.

Therefore, the Balmain Referees Association has nominated 6 outstanding referees who are considered the best the Balmain Referees Association has ever produced. They are:

  • Cliff Brown
  • Max Tomsett
  • Graeme West
  • Tom McMahon
  • Sean Hampstead
  • Matt Cecchin

The attached presentation provides an overview of these outstanding Referees and highlights forever why these members are "The Greatest Balmain Referees of All Time"