Hall of Fame

When preparing the 75th Anniversary Book, the Association decided to identify those Referees who had at that time made significant and lasting contribution to the Balmain Referees Association over an extended period. These members are the initial entrants into our Balmain Referee’s Hall of Fame - the "Blue Ribbon Referees".     

On our Associations 100th Anniversary the following distinguished members are to be inducted into the Balmain Referee’s Hall of Fame. The members selected have through their outstanding contribution and dedication over an extended period demonstrated their worthiness to be inducted to the Blue Ribbon Referees.

Attached below is a copy of the presentation shown at the Centenary Dinner, announcing all inductees to the Balmain Referees Association's Hall of Fame, "The Blue Ribbon Referees".

For more information on the individual Blue Ribbon Referees, click here