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Club Patron

The Club Patron is Mr Monty HODGES.

Monty has been involved with the club for a great a number of years. He originally joined the club as a parent when his son's started to play Rugby League. Always supportive he put up his hand to Coach a team and from there as they say the rest is history.

Within a few years he was heavily involved with the North Sydney Junior Rep sides as a manager of many sides. Now serving as a current Board Member for the North Sydney Leagues Club where he has seen the good times and the lean.

Monty has always kept up his interest in the Junior League and in particular Brothers.. He can often been found down at Tunks Park during the winter enjoying the park footy. Monty has always supported and encouraged the Brothers Club in all their endeavours and it is a great pleasure to have him as our Patron. He represents the strong loyal characteristics of the Brothers Club more -->

Life Members

The following people have been rewarded for their continual service to the Brothers club. It is a great honour to be awarded Life Membership and each of the reputable people have given exception service to the club.

Year 1980 Mr Ken RITCHIE & Mr Pat NOONAN
Year 1983 Mr Martin QUINN & Mr Mark NOONAN
Year 1988 Mr Gary BURGE & Mr Barry HANLEY
Year 1990 Mr John DICKSON & Mr Michael SMITH
Year 1991 Mrs Pat HANLEY & Mr John MOORE
Year 1993 Mr Nick GARAY
Year 1996 Mrs Des DICKSON
Year 1999 Mrs Annette HEMA & Mr Monty HODGES
Year 2001 Mr Jim HEMA
Year 2008 Mr Craig INGRAM & Mr Frank MCDONOUGH

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10 Years of Service

This section pays tribute to the elite group of people who have played with the club for 10 years or more.To show such loyalty and dedication to the one club shows true spirit.

1983 Mr Mark NOONAN
1984 Mr Mick MOORE
1986 Mr Kevin HINDER, Mr Michael SMITH & Mr Gary BURGE
1987 Mr Tony TIGHE
1988 Mr Paul MEEHAN
1989 Mr Mark BOLAND & Mr Chris GRELCK
1990 Mr John GOEDSIR
1991 Mr Ian RILEY & Mr Luke HARRADINE
1992 Mr Michael FORSTER & Mr Geoff HENSON
1995 Mr Daniel DICKSON, Mr Scott HANLEY, Mr Stephen HOWIESON & Mr Dave MARTIN
1996 Mr Carl SIRIO
1999 Mr Ricky HEMA
2001 Mr Matt HEMA, Mr Damien NAUGHTON & Mr Tim NAUGHTON
2002 Mr Trevor GRIFFITHS & Mr Danny SALVAGGIO
2003 Mr Joe McDONOUGH
2004 Mr Paul HEMA
2006 Mr Finley McDONOUGH

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150 Games Played

The following players have played 150 or more Junior games for the Brothers Club:

Jordan Dickson

Jack Dickson


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100 Games Played

The following players have played 100 or more Junior games for the Brothers Club:

Heath Flower

Bailey Dickson

Joe Chard

Ethan Basha

Liam Duffy

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Clubman of the Year

A prestige award presented annually to a club person who has worked exceptionally hard and achieved some outstanding result throughout the season.

Year 1973 Mr John GLEESON
Year 1974 Mr Ken RITCHIE
Year 1975 Mr John GLEESON
Year 1976 Mr Ken RITCHIE
Year 1977 Mr Ken RITCHIE
Year 1978 Mr Bill ROBINSON
Year 1979 Mr Barry HANLEY
Year 1980 Mr Martin QUINN
Year 1981 Mr Tony AVVENEVOLE
Year 1982 Mrs Pat HANLEY
Year 1983 Mr John DICKSON
Year 1984 Mr John DICKSON
Year 1985 Mr Gary BURGE
Year 1986 Mr John DUNCAN
Year 1987 Mrs Pat HANLEY
Year 1988 Miss Michelle DICKSON
Year 1989 Mr Brian MC GETTIGAN
Year 1990 Mr John FLORIMO
Year 1991 Mr Nick GARAY
Year 1992 Mr Nick GARAY & Mrs Pat HANLEY
Year 1993 Mr Rob NEHME
Year 1994 Mr Chris & Mrs Jenny HENRY
Year 1995 Mr Chris & Mrs Jenny HENRY
Year 1996 Mr Jim HEMA
Year 1997 Mr Craig INGRAM
Year 1998 Mrs Cathy NICOLSON
Year 1999 Mrs Tammy BAUMANN
Year 2000 Mr Rob BAUMANN
Year 2001 Mr Peter NICOLSON
Year 2002 Mr Matt CANNON
Year 2003 Mr Jim HEMA
Year 2004 Not Awarded.
Year 2005 Mr Anthony ALOE
Year 2006 Mr Brent BANNING
Year 2009 Mr Brent BANNING & Mr Patrick Nueslim

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Shane Williams -Junior Clubman of the Year

Shane Williams was a typical 14 year old boy who loved his footy. At this young age he suffered a fatal asthma attack.Shane has been missed as he was always a cheerful face and always keen to help out with setting up ovals, running the water and packing up at the end of the day.

Year 1999 Mr Cameron BYRNE
Year 2000 Mr Matt HEMA
Year 2001 Mr Michael NICOLSON
Year 2002 Mr George HEMA
Year 2003 Mrs Leanne NEILL
Year 2004 Mrs Jo NICHOLLS
Year 2005 Mr Brent BANNING
Year 2008 Mr Matt HEMA
Year 2009 Mr James DIXON
Year 2010 Mr Chris GATTENHOFF

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Past Players who continued into the NRL

We have been a lucrative nursery for the North Sydney Bears over the years. A great number of our players have progressed to play grade in what is known as the NRL.

Mr Phil RITCHIE (Nth Sydney & St George)
Mr Paul MC CAFFREY (Nth Sydney)
Mr Nigel TATE (Nth Sydney)
Mr Errol HILLER (Nth Sydney & Cronulla)
Mr Larry KELLY (Nth Sydney)
Mr Paul CONLON (Nth Sydney & NSW Under 18's)
Mr Adrian TOOLE (Nth Sydney)
Mr Geoff WHITE (Nth Sydney)
Mr Greg FLORIMO (Nth Sydney, NSW & AUSTRALIA & Wigan.)
Mr Kevin MARR (Nth Sydney)
Mr Greg AUSTIN (Manly & England)
Mr Grant DOOREY ( Manly, Eastern Suburbs& Parramatta)
Mr Paul SIRIO (Nth Sydney)
Mr Shaun RUCTHENSON(Nth Sydney,Canberra & plays in England now.)
Mr Chris CARRAUNA (Nth Sydney & Sth Sydney)
Mr Stephen CAREW (Nth Sydney & Nth Eagles)
Mr Nicholas BRADLEY (Nth Sydney, Nth Eagles & currently London Broncos) more -->

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