2017 Membership Renewals

2017 Membership Renewals are now open!

The below covers the registration process for the following participant types:
1. NEW PARTICIPANT - An individual registering to participate in rugby league for the first time.
The first section of the registration form will require the participant to enter their email.
Participants will be prompted at the beginning of the online registration form to create an account prior to proceeding. 
2. RETURNING PARTICIPANT - An individual returning to the club, in which they last played.
The first section of the registration form will require the Participant to enter their email.The Participants email address should be recognisedPlease note: login details used by returning participants in past seasons will no longer be accepted. Participants will be required to activate/set up their new account prior to proceeding. To activate/set up their account they will need to select ‘forgot password’
3. CLEARENCE(Players and Match Officals Only). Participants who have played rugby league previously and are wanting to transfer or clear& nbsp;to another Club/Association
Participants will need to contact the club/association and complete a NRL Registration Form which incorporates a clearance authority. The administrator should then submit an online clearance request. Once its been approved by all relevant levels the participant will receive an email with instructions to finalise the registration. 
Please note: Administrators can change a participants email address and can resend the email for participants to finalise the registration.
To register please click on the following button and search for your club to get involved today!

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