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102.9ers(Carrara Roller Blaze)

A.R.T.(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

ADU(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Allstarz Jazz(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Allstarz Jazz(Carrara Mixed Social B)

Allstarz Magpies(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Aranui(Carrara Masters Men)

Average Joes(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

B.A.S.(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Balls Deep(Carrara B Grade Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Balls Deep(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Benchwarmers(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Binary Mill(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Binary Mill(Carrara B Grade Men)

Blue Devils(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Blue Devils(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Blue Devils(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Blue Devils(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Bond Uni(Carrara A Grade Men)

Braves(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Breakers(Carrara C Women)

Breezers(Carrara B Women)

Brotox(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Bruces Army(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Bruces Army(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Bullets(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Bulls(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Bulls(Carrara Div 1 Men's)

Bullsharks(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

Celtics Allstarz(Carrara Mixed Social B)

Celtics Cruizers(Carrara Masters Women)

Celtics Gators(Carrara Masters Men)

Chicago(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Clippers(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Coconets(Carrara A Grade Men)

Collective(Carrara B Women)

College Dropouts(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Colts(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Cutters(Carrara Masters Women)

Darth Faders(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

Datum(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Datum(Carrara Mixed Social B)

Dead Rabbits(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Demolition(Carrara A Grade Men)

Demons(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Diamonds(Carrara C Women)

Dickoss(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

Dime Squad(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

DNR(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

DNR(Carrara B Grade Men)

Domestic House Cats(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

DS4U25(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Dukes(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Dukes(Carrara Mixed Social B)

Eagles(Carrara Roller Blaze)

EBOD(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Emerald City Warriors(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Extras(Carrara Masters Women)

Fast & Furious(Carrara Masters Women)

Flames(Carrara Masters Women)

Flatheads(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Flatheads(Carrara B Grade Men)

Flop City(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Flying Jacks(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Fusion(Carrara Div 1 Men's)

Gangbusters(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Gliders(TSS Wednesday A Grade Women)

Griffith Green Foxes(TSS Wednesday A Grade Women)

Griffith Greendoggs(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Griffith Greendoggs(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Griffith Greendoggs(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Griffith Greendoggs(Carrara B Grade Men)

Groundbound(Carrara Div 1 Men's)

Half Gigs(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Harvey World (TSS Wednesday A Grade Women)

Heat(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Hellhounds(Carrara B Women)

Hooplas(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Hurricanes(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Hustlers(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

Inspire(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

J-Dubb(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

JWA Jets(Carrara Masters Women)

Kings(Carrara A Grade Men)

Kiwis(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

KK Crvena Zvezda(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

KK Crvena Zvezda(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Kookies n Kareem(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Kookies n Kareem(Carrara B Grade Men)

Lebrontarage(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Let's Get Tropical(Carrara Masters Women)

Lions(Carrara A Grade Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Lions(Carrara Masters Women)

Mavericks(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Maxi(Carrara B Grade Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Maxi(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Meatballs(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Meatballs(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Monstars(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Muffin Men(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Mullets(Carrara Masters Men)

Nerang Bulls(Carrara Masters Men)

Ninjas(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Ocean X(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

Okay See(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Old School(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Old School(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Optimus Dimes(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

Patriots(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Patriots(Carrara Div 1 Men's)

Patriots(Carrara A Grade Men)

Pink Ladies(Carrara Masters Women)

Pirates(Carrara Masters Men)

Rage(Carrara Masters Men)

Randomz(Carrara C Women)

Regulators(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Rhynos(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

Rim Shots(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Sacres(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Salamanders(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Sand Storm(Carrara A Grade Men)

Shamrocks(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Sharks(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Sharks(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

Sharks(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Sharks(Carrara B Grade Men)

Shibby(Tuesday B Grade Men Carrara)

Previously Associated Competitions

Shibby(Carrara B Grade Men)

Silverbacks(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Sixers(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Sloths(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Smarties(Carrara C Women)

Spartans(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Stealers(Carrara Mixed Social A)

Steelers(Carrara Masters Men)

TBA(Carrara Mixed Social A)

TBA(Carrara Mixed Social B)

Team Black(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Team Disney(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Temple(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Tha Pests(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

The Bits(Carrara C Women)

The Boys(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

The Clipboards(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

The Gentlemen(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

The Keiths(Carrara Div 2 Men's)

The Lazy Mexicans(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

Thundermentals(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Titans(Carrara Masters Men)

Toey(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Tradeulators(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Tradeulators(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Travlin Fats(Carrara Masters Men)

Tropics(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Tropics(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Tropics(Carrara Div 3 Men's)

Unballievable(Carrara Div 1 Men's)

Varsity Vipers(TSS Wednesday A Grade Men)

Warriors(TSS Wednesday A Grade Women)

Warriors(Carrara A Grade Men)

Weekend Warriors(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)

Whatevers Clever(TSS Monday Division 1 Men)

Wicked(Carrara Roller Blaze)

Wizards(TSS Monday Division 2 Men)

Wizards(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Wolf Pack(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Wolves(TSS Thursday B Grade Men)

Wolves(Carrara Roller Blaze)

Woodchucks(Carrara B Women)

World B Free(Carrara Div 4 Men's)

Youngbloods(TSS Thursday C Grade Men)

Youngbloods(TSS Tuesday Open Men's)