Drop off's and Pick Up's

 Drop off's and Pick Up's are available at the Round About adjacent to the Main Pavilion between 08:00am and 3:00pm on Match Days. Please ensure you make arrangements or use your mobile phones to coordinate your pick up times as entry for these purposes beyond the main gate entry will not be possible. Your cooperation will help ensure that the traffic flows smoothly for everyone.  


The Balcony   

Access to the Balcony is available from 10:00am on Match Days.  For the comfort and safety of all patrons including the people below (on the concrete apron) we must insist that Alcohol only be consumed behind the Yellow Lines.This will be strictly monitored and those choosing not to comply will be asked to leave the area. Please take note that No glass is allowed through the door onto the balcony.

No Smoking


NO SMOKING is allowed within the building and balcony areas or within 5 Metres of an opening door to the Pavilion.We understand the difficulty this may cause to some of our guests and we intend on providing a designated smoking area in the future. Could you please take care when smoking and ensure that you use the Ash Trays provided.Thank you for your co-operation.

Can Bar 

The Can bar will be open between 12:00 middayand 5 pm on match days.  Patrons consuming alcohol are asked to do so within the designated areas only. Your understanding and co-operation is extremely important for us as we must ensure compliance with our Licensing arrangements for the serving and consuming of alcohol at all times, without exception. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated by all.