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DROMANA OVAL 42-47 Pier St, Dromana.  MELWAYS 159 J6

To be held on Monday 30th October 2017 at Social Rooms, Dromana Recreation Reserve.
At 8.00pm

The following Board positions are open for nomination for two year periods
                                    •       Secretary
                                    •       Football Manager
                                    •       Ordinary Directors x 4

The following Board positions are open for nomination for a one year period
                                    •       Ordinary Director x 2

                                     Compulsory Retiring Directors
                                             Graham Stelling
                                             Bob Williamson
                                             Michael Hunter
                                             Steve Goldsmid
                                             Colin Forsyth

                       Any person whose position is vacated can reapply.

Election of Board Members
The Club’s Rules of Association contain the following requirements with respect to the election of Board Members
23.   (1)  Nominations of candidates for election as Officers of the Association or as Ordinary Directors of the Board –
       (a)  shall be made in writing, signed by two members of the Association and accompanied  by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination); and
       (b)  shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Association not less than 7 days before the date fixed for the holding of the annual general meeting.
       (2)  If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the Board, the candidates nominated shall be deemed to be elected and further nominations shall be received at the annual general meeting.
       (3)   If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons nominated shall be deemed to be elected
       (4)   If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be held.
       (5)   The ballot for the election of Officers and Ordinary Directors of the Board shall be conducted at the annual general meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Board may direct.
       (6)    A nomination of a candidate for election under this clause is not valid if that candidate has been elected to another office at the same election.

Nomination for Life Membership
Nominations must be received by Administration Director seven (7) days before AGM on approved form.

Life Membership

3A.    (a)    A minimum of at least ten (10) years service to the Association is required before any member may be nominated for Life Membership.
        (b)    No more than two (2) nominations for Life Membership may be granted per year.
        (c)    All nominations to be submitted to Administration Director or Nominee in writing on Nomination Form at least seven(7) days prior to Annual General Meeting.
        (d)    Nominators and person nominated must be financial Members of Association at time of nomination
        (e)    Nomination form shall have details of time and date of lodging entered thereon by Administration Director.
        (f)    All nominations will be presented to AGM for approval for consideration by Board
        (g)    Nominations will be considered by Board at first meeting after AGM.
        (h)    Where more than two nominations are received the Board shall be empowered to decide which Life Memberships may be granted.
         (i)   Any player who has played ten (10) or more years with the club and has played 175 club and Interleague games (in lieu of Home and Away games) in the Seniors and/or Reserves or A, B and /or C Grade Netball shall be automatically granted Life Membership.

(This rule 3A(i) shall be applied retrospectively subject to an investigation by a sub committee appointed by the Board.)

Forms for AGM are available Online at www.dromanatigers.com.au then select link to ’Our Club’ followed by ‘Resources’ then select required form which can be saved on your computer or acquired from Secretary

Graham Stelling



DFNC Future Fund

The Offer:

How would you like to join us in our plan to help our Club going forward into the 2018 Season and beyond.

 No we are not seeking a donation from you however we are offering you a chance to help us build towards a stronger Club.

Our offer to you is a chance to join our DFNC Future Fund by giving us via EFTPOS $10 per week each year. This amount of $10 per week will give us a chance to become stronger and the ability to compete in a very competitive environment.

What’s in it For Me?

Each week we will have a draw and the winner will receive $100 paid into their account. All Investors will be notified of the result via our website.

At the end of the year, just prior to Christmas, you will also have a chance to win a one-off prize of $2,500.

As we are starting this Fund in October 2017, for Christmas this year we will have to modify this amount to reflect the numbers of investors who have joined the Fund.

Please note, until we have achieved 50 investors no money will be required to be paid into the Fund.

So help your Club improve our facilities for our community, current and future players their families and our supporters.

 The sooner you join, the sooner you will be in our weekly and end of year draws.


 Senior Coach and club Life Member Rikki Johnston has been reappointed for a further two seasons by the Club Board after coaching the club in 2016/17.

Rikki won the Nepean League B & F in 2012
He as also won the club B & F in 2007, 2009,10 &11
Captained our 2013 Premiership team

He won Langwarrin's B & F in 2015 as playing assistant coach.

Rikki has been MPNFL Interleague captain 2015/16 & 17


Dromana has appointed Kylie Johnson 2018 A and B Grade Coach Kylie has foundation, development and intermediate certificate and currently working on getting her advance certificate..
Kylie coached Cranbourne cougars 2005, 2006 and 2007 finishing with a premiership and a runner up.
She started at Pines Junior netball club in 2009 with 1 team within 3 years had 6 teams. Kylie coached 2 teams and had won 4 premierships and 1 runner up.
She played A grade for Pines until she had her 2nd knee reco.
In 2014 Kylie coached Victorian U14s indoor netball team in western Australia.
2015 was appointed head coach at Hampton Park, She coached A and B grade in 2015 with A grade finishing runners up, in 2016 A grade made it to preliminary final.
2017 saw Kylie coach a MPNA Squad.
Kylie has also played Netball for a number of years and looks forward to taking the court next year for Dromana.


The club is hoping to build Netball Facilities at the Pier St oval to be used by both the Senior and Junior Clubs. With this object in mind we have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation(ASF) in a fundraising venture.
You can help by making Tax Deductible donations via the link below.
ASF will provide you with a receipt which you can claim off your Tax. So why not get in before 30th June and have a Tax Deduction to claim for the current Tax Year.

After the passing away of Colin Matthews our long serving Historian the Board have appointed a new Club Historian in Roger Spaull who will be publishing a series of Historical items from our over 120 year existence in the coming months and an excerpt can be viewed by clicking on above image
Latest Edition now on site

RND 18 v RYE

Photos by Brian Longmore

Click on image to see website

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If not, join the 400 plus people who are using the club's Team App site

2018 Sponsorship opportunities are open now if you are interested contact Club on

The club has established an Anti Drug Policy which covers situations effecting players, members and supporters.
All players are covered by their relevant controlling bodies anti Drug policies as well as additional conditions imposed within the clubs document.
Members and supporters are subjected to the conditions within the policy document.
The policy covers Performance enhancing drug as per the WADA list and Recreational Drugs.
Registered Football Players should be aware that they are subject to the same policies as AFL players and can be tested by ASADA at any time.
A copy of the policy is available  under Our Club - Constitution and Policies

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