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‘Football in Murwillumbah’

Football has been played in Murwillumbah since 1954, with a Tweed/Richmond competition. There were 4 senior clubs in Murwillumbah alone including Murwillumbah United, Murwillumbah Saints, Murwillumbah City and Murwillumbah Wanderers. This has evolved, with successful amalgamations over the years with the most recent merger involving Murwillumbah Saints (who enjoyed several years of success in the FFNC competition) and Murwillumbah Services (an amalgamation of Wanderers, United and City) in 2009 to form the existing Murwillumbah Football Club (MFC).

Since the inaugural year of the Gold Coast Premier league in 1990, Murwillumbah football has had a very rich and strong playing history in Football Gold Coast (FGC) competitions at both Junior and Senior level. Under the various guises of Murwillumbah Wanderers, Murwillumbah Services Club and as a member club of the Tweed Valley Kings combined senior team, Murwillumbah has enjoyed participation in the top flight of Gold Coast football for most of the 22 years since the Gold Coast Premier League’s inception (17 of 22 seasons Murwillumbah has been involved in top flight football on the Gold Coast).

Murwillumbah Wanderers enjoyed unheralded success during the 1990’s reaching the semi-final stages of the Gold Coast Premier League over three consecutive seasons and an appearance in the FA Cup Final.

At the turn of the century (2000) Murwillumbah Services Club instigated the TVK model, along with Kingscliff District Soccer Club. This TVK club dissolved in 2003, with the Murwillumbah Services Club retaining Premier League status. Both clubs enjoyed reasonable success and played several years of consecutive top flight football in the Premier League.

Season 2008 saw a second coming of the TVK model with member clubs this time being Kingscliff, Murwillumbah and Banora. TVK consistently improved during seasons 2009 and 2010 and went onto reach the semi-finals of the Gold Coast Premier League in 2011.

Unfortunately the TVK model came to an end in 2012 and MFC senior teams are currently following a strategy independent of the TVK model.



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