Teams in Musgrave Sports Club Inc.

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Musgrave(2018 Metro Midweek Division 2 South)

Musgrave(2018 Midweek Metro Division 2 North)

Musgrave(2018 Play Off Series)

Musgrave(2018 Under 11 Joeys)

Musgrave(2018 Men's Coast League 1 Reserve)

Musgrave(2018 Under 11 Kangaroos)

Musgrave (2018 Men's Coast League 1)

Musgrave(2018 Weekend Metro)

Musgrave Black(2018 Under 9 Joeys)

Musgrave Black(2018 Women's Metro North)

Previously Associated Competitions

Musgrave Black(2018 Women's Metro South)

Musgrave Blue(2018 Under 11 Wallabies)

Musgrave Green(2018 Under 9 Wallabies)

Musgrave Green(2018 Under 11 Wallabies)

Musgrave Orange(2018 Women's Metro North)

Musgrave PL(2018 Club Health & Wellness Cup)

Musgrave PL Res(2018 Club Health & Wellness Cup)

Musgrave Red(2018 Under 9 Wallabies)

Musgrave Sports Club Inc.(2018 Under 14 Division 1 )

Musgrave Sports Club Inc.(2018 Under 12 Division 2 Girls)

Musgrave Sports Club Inc.(2018 Women's Premier League)


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