Teams in Highfields FC Inc

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Highfields(2017 Tom McVeigh Trophy - Pre Season)

Highfields(2017 TFL - Reserve Men)

Highfields(2017 TFL - U18 Male)

Highfields(2017 TFL - Championship)

Highfields(2017 TFL - Senior Women)

Highfields(2017 TFL - U18 Female)

Highfields(2017 TFL - U12A)

Highfields(2017 TFL - U12B)

Highfields Braves(2017 TFL - U10 Challenge)

Highfields Brumbies(2017 TFL - U11 Community)

Highfields Heat(2017 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Highfields Heros(2017 TFL - U10 Community)

Highfields Ladies(2017 TFL Presidents Cup)

Highfields Rebels(2017 TFL - U10 Community)

Highfields Spurs(2017 TFL - U11 Community)

Highfields U13A(2017 TFL - U13/14A)

Highfields U13B Hotshots(2017 TFL - U13/14B Pool 1)

Highfields U14A(2017 TFL - U13/14A)

Highfields U14B Dragons(2017 TFL - U13/14B Pool 2)

Highfields U15B(2017 TFL - U15/16B)

Highfields U16A(2017 TFL - U15/16A)

Highfields U18 Female(2017 TFL Presidents Cup)

Highfields United(2017 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Highfields Wannabees(2017 TFL - U10 Challenge)