Teams in Highfields FC Inc

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Highfields(2018 TFL - Tom McVeigh Trophy)

Highfields All-Sparks(2018 TFL - U10 Challenge)

Highfields Brumbys(2018 TFL - U12 B (2))

Highfields Championship(2018 TFL - Championship Men)

Highfields Conference(2018 TFL - Conference Men)

Highfields FC(2018 TFL - U18 Girls)

Highfields Fury-Raptors(2018 TFL - U11 Community)

Highfields Galaxy(2018 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Highfields Raiders(2018 TFL - U10 Community)

Highfields Scorchers(2018 TFL - U11 Challenge)

Highfields Senior Women(2018 TFL - Senior Women)

Highfields Tornadoes(2018 TFL - U10 Community)

Highfields U17A(2018 TFL - U16/17A)

Highfields U17B(2018 TFL - U16/17B)

Highfields Wolves(2018 TFL - U11 Community)