Teams in Brighton District (Bulldogs) Soccer Club Inc

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Brighton Bulldogs Cap 4(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 8191194714

Brighton Bulldogs Cap 4 Res(Mens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 7850857426

Brighton Bulldogs City 4(Womens City League 4 Blue)
GameDayCode: 3653229047

Brighton Bulldogs City 5(Womens City League 5 Blue)
GameDayCode: 8697549978

Brighton Bulldogs City 5(Mens City League 5 Blue)
GameDayCode: 9847460475

Brighton Bulldogs City 5(Womens Friendly Matches)
GameDayCode: 8697549978

Previously Associated Competitions

Brighton Bulldogs City 5(Womens Pre-Season Friendlies)
GameDayCode: 8697549978

Brighton Bulldogs U13 Div 5(McDonalds Under 13 Division 5 North)
GameDayCode: 1384969463

Previously Associated Competitions

Brighton Bulldogs U13 Div 5(U13 Carnival 03/03/18)
GameDayCode: 1384969463

Brighton Bulldogs U14 Div 5 Nth(McDonalds Under 14 Division 5 North)
GameDayCode: 1755134114

Brighton Bulldogs U15 Div 3(McDonalds Under 15 Division 3)
GameDayCode: 9383462363

Brighton Bulldogs U15 Div 4(McDonalds Under 15 Division 4)
GameDayCode: 3313351909

Brighton Bulldogs U16 Div 4(McDonalds Under 16 Division 4)
GameDayCode: 4517104752

Brighton Bulldogs U16 Div 5(McDonalds Under 16 Division 5)
GameDayCode: 1563627031

Brighton U18 div 2(Mens Under 18 Division 2)
GameDayCode: 9550528965

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