Junior Fields

Junior Ground Closures

PLEASE NOTE: List below only shows grounds that JUNIOR and MiniRoos matches have been scheduled for on the days displayed.


CLOSED - means that the ground is closed and ALL matches are postponed for that day/night at that ground.

(Check "Comments" column for CLOSED grounds as there may be some matches that have been moved to other grounds).


OPEN - means that the ground is open and matches are still going ahead for that day/night.

(Check "Comments" column for OPEN grounds as there may be some matches postponed on that day/night).


No entry in a column (ie the column is blank) for a particular ground means that no SENIOR (Mens & Womens) matches were scheduled for that day/night at that ground.


Please Note: Football Brisbane displays advice received from individual clubs.
We accept no responsibility for information that has been provided incorrectly, resulting in cancellation/non-cancellation of matches.


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