How to Register for under 6 to seniors

2018 Player Registrations will be open on 9th January

This is for ages U6 though to seniors.

For Minniroos Kick off {Squirts} 3 to 5 years old click here.  

Minniroos Kick Off {Squirts} starting TBA


To complete online registration, you will need an FFA Number and a Password.
To find your FFA Number:
• Enter your First Name
• Enter your Last Name
• Enter your Date of Birth
• Search
To retrieve your password:
• Enter FFA No
• Enter email address last used to register
• If the last used email address is unknown it will be necessary to contact the Support Centre on 02 8020 4199 to verify your identity and reset the password
To commence registration process:
• Click on Register Now

• Enter FFA No
• Enter Password
• Click login
Once logged in you are able to view registration history, you are able change your password in the my details section on the left.
Click on Register
There are then 5 parts to the registration process:
• Check all contact details
      o Ensure all details are up to date
▪ Address
▪ Phone numbers
▪ Email address
▪ Emergency Contacts
    o Upload a photo (essential for all ages from U12)
• Once all details are correct click on next

• Step 1
      o Ipswich Knights Soccer Club Inc(Club)
• Step 2
      o Player
• Step 3
      o Appropriate Age Group
• Step 4
      o Add Packages
• Next

Read Terms & conditions and then click on the tick boxes
Click on Next
• Select one of the following
      o Pay by credit card (follow the prompts to pay online)
      o Select Manual Payment at Club (to pay at the club)
• Click on next

• Review and answer Questions
• Click on next
• You will be directed to finish screen

Registration process is now completed – Click on log out on top right corner
An email will be automatically sent to the nominated email address providing a registration invoice and confirmation of the registration completed.
Once the club has completed their process, you will receive another email confirming the registration approval.

If you would prefer, please visit us at the club house on the following dates and we will assist with the registration process.

Saturday 13th January  10am - 2pm

Sunday 21at January 10am - 2p.m

Saturday 10th February  1pm - 3pm

Venue - Bundamba club house.


To create a FFA acount - A FFA number is required to be a player, coach or team volunteer
• Read the Terms and Conditions
       o Click the box that agrees to comply with the terms and conditions
       o Click Next

• Complete all details – ensuring accuracy especially Spelling of Name and DOB
     o Use an email address that wont change (used to retrieve details in future)
     o Create a password which you will remember
• Click on Create an Account

You will receive an email confirming your new account listing your FFA Number – allow 30 mins
• Before doing this process again, please check by using the link below that a number hasn’t been created and there is a delay with the email
• If your details are found in the search, use the FFA number and your password to login
Please proceed to login pages to register as a player, coach or volunteer (refer to the Registration Guide)