Welcome to the Heathdale Hornets Basketball Club. 

Who feels like celebrating!  2018 marks 20 years of Heathdale Hornets Basketball Club!

Established in 1998, we currently have 28 teams and over 200 players in the Werribee Basketball Association's junior domestic competition, from Under 8s all the way to Under 20s.


The U10 to U16 Hornets had a very successful Semi Final day. We had 11 teams participating and eight of those teams moved through to their Grand Finals next Saturday March 24th.

Semi Final results:
U10 Girls A (David Chalmers)           Hornets Blue 36 defeated Woodville Wallabies 25 
U10 Girls C (Zoe & David Fitzgerald) Hornets White 11 defeated Seabrook Sparkles 8 
U10 Boys B (Chris Helliger)              Hornets Blue 24 defeated St Andrews Tigers 12 
U10 Boys E (Mike Seymon)              Hornets White 26 defeated Corpus Mavericks 16 
U12 Boys AR (Lachlan Luca)             Hornets White 51 defeated Cambridge Carnivores 40 
U12 Boys C (Darryl Ovenden)           Hornets Green 29 defeated Corpus Shooters 27 
U12 Boys D (Cory Becker)                Hornets Red 33 defeated Good News THUNDER 28 
U14 Girls B (Steve Leggieri)             Hornets Blue 37 defeated Wildcats Ragdolls 27 
U10 Boys E (Kirrily Devlin)               Hornets Red 4 lost to Good News THUNDER 23 
U12 Girls C (Lyndal Ridder)              Hornets White 13 lost to Flames Cinders 27 
U16 Girls C (Andrew Martin)             Hornets Blue 15 lost to Corpus Sapphires 32

We also have four of our U18 and U20 teams playing in semi finals on Tuesday March 20th
U18 Boys B, Hornets Blue v Woodville Timberwolves (7.15, Crt 9)
U18 Girls A, Hornets Blue v Iramoo Glitz (7.15, Crt 7)
U18 Boys E, Hornets White v Hoppers Tigers (7) (8.15, Crt 11)
U20 Girls A, Hornets Blue v Hoppers Tigers (9.15, Crt 7)